Heavy Metal

League of Legends” encourages players to find their “mains” after experimenting with the game’s vast character roster. Besides trying to improve my Nidalee, a champion I have always liked playing is Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal.

Combining the strengths of a brute and mage, Mordekaiser can tank a lot of punishment while also dishing out the pain train simultaneously. He becomes a juggernaut of sorts once properly built, which is why I now use Mordekaiser as my go-to guy for the mid lane. Though I still have some kinks to IRON OUT (bad pun, I know), I hope to make my Mordekaiser a lot more consistent in my matches.

Like Nidalee, I had to relearn what I thought I knew about Mordekaiser by starting fresh. I had to scrutinize my strategies carefully, adjusting accordingly until I found elements I liked and disliked. Ultimately, I wanted to string together a Mordekaiser strategy that was practical, yet favorable for my style of play.
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Random Kanji Knowledge: Sensei

Ahh, the Japanese word sensei is something many people probably hear all the time. So how does one form the word in the Japanese language?

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