LoL Pet Peeves

As much as people love “League of Legends,” there are certainly some gripes players experience on a daily basis in their LoL matches. Below are five random pet peeves of mine in no particular order of significance. Furthermore, I obviously have more pet peeves than just five, but the list would probably be 100+ different things if I detailed everything that bugged me about the game. :O

1. Blaming the Jungler
In a standard LoL match, the jungler is always the first on the scapegoat list to receive blame for a team currently losing. It is quite sad, really. Though the jungler may be the wildcard role in the sense that they can practically visit any of the three lanes on Summoner’s Rift, there is honestly so much a jungler can do at one time.

As someone who plays jungle a lot (I consider it my second best role after support), I often come across my share of heat whenever things go south in a game. “OMG, NOOB JUNGLER NO GANK!” Dude, I can’t gank your lane if you die before I can even arrive to do anything! I also can’t gank your lane practically or safely if you are practically dead with no mana to use abilities or if your lane is pushed too far up to the enemy turret! (Insert other common, “supposedly” jungler-related problems.)

I think this is where a lot of my frustrations stem from this pet peeve: people want to attribute their lane performance to how I am jungling. Yes, it is true I can give you an advantage if I bully a lane. I can counter jungle the other jungler to slow them down. But the point is, jungling is my own little world out there on the map. Everyone else still has to play their respective lanes well. Always relying on the jungler is a bad crutch for this game.

It is not the jungler’s fault you miss your last hits or you allow yourself to get whittled down or even killed because of your own inept play, so save your QQ toward the jungler until they really screw up … like if they botch their Smite on Dragon or Baron. Then feel free to blame them when it is applicable.

2. Taking the Support for Granted
Look … the support role is important. I know because I main supports in LoL. However, the support role is only one piece of the team composition puzzle. As a support, I can further enhance a competent team (man, it is fun to play supports when your team is good). With weaker teammates, the support becomes less effective.

It is very simple, honestly. If everyone else on the team does their part, the support role is just there to make everyone else look great. The support should never have to carry the heavy stuff – that’s the job of the carries. Supports should be the ones healing, buffing, debuffing and everything in between to make sure their team is powerful. Though the support does not directly influence the outcome of a lot of victories, supports certainly pave the ward toward a win in more ways than one.

And another thing: don’t think the support is a magical ward machine, either. Supports are supposed to ward, sure, but this does not mean they are going to mosey up to top lane to drop wards for you, especially when the laning phase is still going on. It does not work that way! Also, don’t blame the lack of ward coverage on the map when A) everyone else on the team can pitch in a ward of two and B) if the team currently has no map control. It is hard to ward when your team is losing at the moment. Just saying.

Supports already have to gimp themselves for the sake of the team. Don’t take the support for granted!

3. Players Being Big Babies/Wimps
To those of you who pull the big baby act with all of the excessive whining and other antics like AFKing in base after something stupid … GROW UP! I am a firm believer in the notion that how you play in game says a lot about your real-life counterpart. So if you act like a huge crybaby/prick, it is probably safe to assume you are probably a punk for real. Take your emo/game-ruining behavior to another game.

No one likes to deal with babies on the internet, and LoL is no exception. Act your age! And even if you are actually 12 years old or younger, this does not mean you have to be immature as well! LoL, like life, is a series of events that may or may not turn out how you like them to. Not everything is going to be sunshine and unicorns, so do not cue the waterworks and keyboard smashing the moment something bad happens to you or if someone “hurts your feelings.”

Ever notice that the “better” players tend to brush off the negative stuff and just focus on playing the game? Yeah, it is quite the contrast compared to those who spend more time spamming chat with excessive QQing instead of just continuing their match of LoL. JUST SHUT UP AND PLAY THE GAME! 

4. Trolling
Trolls exist in every online game. There are some who just want to dink around a bit, and then there are those who will probably make you so mad that you want to punch a wall. It would be nice if trolls did not exist on the internet, but it is too easy to troll. When it comes to LoL, trolls are quite plentiful … unfortunately.

They pop up in your normal games when you just want to unwind. They show up in your ranked games when you want to aim for higher Elo … No matter what time of the day, what map you choose to play on, the troll(s) will appear, and all you can do is hope they are on the other team.

In fact, a strange phenomenon has been occurring in a lot of my games recently … where someone who just starts off as a bad player ends up throwing the game for real. Awesome. A sucky player who trolls by giving the game away to the enemy after their (x) double-digit death? Trolling sure has come a long way. -_-

5. Tanky DPS
Bruisers are too good in LoL. No joke. The role is easily the strongest, most powerful champion class in the game … to an unfair degree at times. The role encompasses a lot of damage, tanking power and a crapload of other advantages … depending on the bruiser.

I hate how Riot Games has not addressed this role’s balance. I guess having characters who do a ton of damage, who can take a beating and who can a little of everything but make you breakfast is ideal. Uhh, yeah. Balanced for sure!

I am just sick of seeing bruisers run into full team fights and just wreaking havoc all over the place before finally biting the dust. I am not exaggerating when I say that it often takes everything and the kitchen sink to bring some bruisers down (I am looking at you, Irelia!). Seriously, when I play a bruiser, I just have to shake my head at how absurdly strong this champion role is, especially compared to other roles who do not have the luxury of having offense and defense conveniently bundled in a single package.

OP for overpowered!
So these were five random pet peeves of mine in LoL. What are yours?


5 thoughts on “LoL Pet Peeves

  1. pheonixart June 3, 2012 / 3:22 pm

    Completely agree with you ^^ and yes, there are many, many more
    Better nerf Irelia,

    Anyway, I hate that rarely anyone buys wards – buy a ward, stop a gank, savce alife. Sadly, that doesnt work so often + hate thos guys who goes to mid, inspite of the fact, that they don’t belong in that lane and they are so stubborn >.<


    • NyNy March 7, 2013 / 4:43 am

      Forgot to ask is Leagues of Legends a free to play and is it really as good as people say?


      • NyNy March 8, 2013 / 1:30 pm

        Awesome. I’ll check it out 🙂


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