Random Kanji Knowledge: Shinka

Well, I finally took the plunge to change up my blog’s theme from the Redoable Lite I ran for more than a year (coincidentally, that was the blog theme my class group had for a blog project back in journalism school, but this is another story). I did not even realize that this blog theme was called “The Journalist v1.9” until I just went ahead with the change.

I like this theme’s clean look that is brighter and more open, making it a huge contrast to the somewhat dimmer theme I had before. And merely by chance, I also like how the cougar cartoon looks like it is saying something because of the site’s tagline.

But yeah, back to today’s kanji compound that is quite fitting after this blog’s theme change: 進化 (しんか — shinka).

The first part of this kanji compound, 進, simply means progress/evolution. The second part, 化, means to change, transform … convert to and so forth. So combine the two characters together for “progress/evolution change” or something like that.

The notion of 進化 is something I have been thinking about lately, particularly in regards to my personal strides. To evolve entails change, and I used to be someone too stubborn and reluctant to alter myself because I was perhaps too scared that I would not like what I would become.

However, I have already changed in the past few years. I just needed to wake up and realize it. I just hope this “newer” me is someone capable and ready for the next stage in life.

進化. Evolution. Now you know. >^..^<


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