She’s a Lady Part 2

Continuing from where I left off before, here are some more female champions I play in “League of Legends.” Once again, in no particular order of significance.
1. Soraka, The Starchild

Every team likes to have a goat, a scapegoat if you will, as to why a match outcome ends up in a loss. Fortunately, Soraka has skyrocketed her way to the top as my best support champion up my sleeve. I rarely lose with her on a good day. Boasting the strongest healing powers in the game, Soraka keeps the team healthy while also toughening up their defenses. She is the epitome of a support champion and fits into my main style of play for a given LoL match. Simply put, I have my opponents seeing plenty of stars when I bust out Soraka. Don’t mess with unicorn girls. Don’t mess. KTHX.

2. Shyvana, The Half-Dragon

Half lady, half dragon, 100 percent badass. Shyvana blazes through the jungle with top-tier speed and packs a wallop with her vicious attacks. She dishes out a lot of pain and naturally can tank a beating from whatever the other team throws at her. Her breath fiery, her claws sharp, Shyvana can also transform into a dragon to swoop in and crush the competition. My Chinese Zodiac symbol is a Dragon after all, so it is only fitting I have a character who embodies this creature in body and spirit. B**TCH, I’M A DRAGON!

3. Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

Whether donning the pirate outfit or if I choose to strut around with her snazzy mafia outfit, Miss Fortune is a safe and reliable pick for the ranged AD role. She deals a lot of damage and has some versatility with her skill kit. In fact, Miss Fortune can destroy the entire enemy team when protected properly with adequate support from allies. She is a straightforward character who offers your team reliability when played correctly. I just gotta say that her mafia outfit makes me think that Miss Fortune follows a mob mentality.

4. Ashe, The Frost Archer

The opposing team thinks they have a chance, but then they took an ice arrow to the knee. Well, it is a giant, freezing ice arrow. So I guess knee would actually entail the entire body being hit by it, technically speaking … Anyway, Ashe is a “beginner” champ in the sense that every new LoL player can start with this character very early in their LoL careers, but Ashe has stayed a competitive champion since forever. Ashe packs amazing utility for the ranged AD role, and her moves are simply game-changers. Her arrows will have the enemies down for the count in no time. Icing your foes is always a cinch with this cool customer on your side.

5. Cassiopeia, The Serpent’s Embrace

It figures this champ would snake her way into the list. Oh well, I guess you can say she is too intoxicating to resist. As a mage character, Cassiopeia’s deadly venom has foes dying slow, agonizing deaths before she sinks her fangs into them for the kill. A shifty character, Cassiopeia slithers her way around the battlefield to take down one hapless prey after another. And you better not be caught staring at this snake lady, otherwise expect to be STONED Medusa-style.
Very Honorable Mention: Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer

There is this running gag among the LoL community that Ezreal is a girl character, so I might as well include him/her on this list for the lawls. Ezreal is all about the skill-shots, blasting foes from afar as he/she yells out insults like, “You belong in a museum!” He/she is an interesting character in my champion pool because I normally suck with skill-shots, but I do fine with Ezreal’s arsenal of long-ranged attacks. Quite odd. Oh well. When someone asks me if I am for real, in all actuality, I AM FOR EZREAL!

Ezreal even has a girly dance!

One thought on “She’s a Lady Part 2

  1. LeagueOfLosers May 5, 2012 / 2:43 pm

    It’s a nice drawing…but the only one of them I REALLY like is Morg.


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