She’s a Lady

When I sat down and really thought about it, I realize I play a lot of female champions in “League of Legends.” In fact, some of my best characters in my arsenal happen to be reppin’ the ♀ sign. Growing up as a male gamer, I used to be reluctant to play any female character in games. I don’t know what I would classify it as, perhaps a phase of being afraid to be called weird for “picking a girl” in a game.

Granted, the gaming industry back then had significantly less female characters to choose from, though there were some exceptions. For instance, characters like Samus Aran from the “Metroid” series paved the way for the gaming world to accept the fact that a strong, female protagonist could be the main hero of a story. Other female characters like Chun-Li would gradually be added into more games, though would largely remain as niche characters to even out the gender distribution (sort of, anyway).

Fast-forward to modern times though, and it is clear that there are plenty of female characters available to select from (though other topics like oversexualization and unfair gender portrayals are different matters altogether to keep in mind).

Anyway, I proudly pick female characters in “League of Legends” without worry. Below is a list of five of my “best” female champions who I play, in no particular order of importance.

1. Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath

A badass Viking chick who rides a boar while she swings around a giant flail? Talk about cool! Ice puns aside, Sejuani has gradually turned into one of my best characters. Armed with an arsenal of hindering slows while becoming naturally beefy, Sejuani is a great champion for my style of play. It’s been pretty chill being able to “pig out” on so many victories!

2. Orianna, The Lady of Clockwork

What a baller. Orianna literally fights by controlling a mechanical sphere of death to fly around the battlefield. I can play her as a powerful mage or as a support champ. She can attack in a variety of angles, disrupt enemies while assisting allies and she is a robot! Needless to say, when I pick Orianna, expect me to go balls to the wall!

3. Sona, The Maven of the Strings

The strong but silent type (she is mute but is telepathic), Sona lets her melodies and musical notes do all the talking. Sona has long been considered the strongest support champ in the game (debatable now). She relies on buffing allies with auras while also packing an offensive punch against enemies. I naturally like helping others, so Sona’s emphasis around assisting allies makes her a good match for my unselfish way of play. As my friend once yelled out, “ADAGIO, MOTHERF*****S!” when it’s time for the enemy team to face the music.

4. Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover

Bad guys (and gals), beware! The sheriff’s in town! With a naturally long attack range, this sniper can shoot down enemies from afar while keeping herself safe from harm’s way. She has a line skill-shot, some traps and a net for utility uses. Simply put, Caitlyn is a very safe champ to pick for her role as an AD carry. Why does she have a British accent? I don’t know, but Caitlyn will enforce justice on those WHO INTERFERE WITH THE LAW!

5. Sivir, The Battle Mistress

Sivir will always hold a special place in my heart as far as “League of Legends” goes – she was the very first champion I won a match with oh so long ago. Nowadays, she has clawed her way back to relevance. She packs a wallop and can literally take out an entire enemy team by herself. Furthermore, I like using her because I rock the Wonder Woman skin. It gives me ample excuse to type out the Wonder Woman theme song in all chat against my foes. “Make a hawk a dove. Stop a war with love. Make a liar tell the truth!”
Very Honorable Mention: Nidalee, The Bestial Huntress

Ahh, Nidalee. Gotta love that ability to turn into a cougar <3. She was the very first champion I set out to unlock in “League of Legends” and to this day is my favorite champ in the game for obvious reasons. Though I now reserve her for special occasions, I wish I could use Nidalee to her full potential to utilize in difficult, serious matches. PUMA POWER IN DA HOUSE!

7 thoughts on “She’s a Lady

  1. adzhar March 12, 2012 / 11:27 pm

    thier all cute and beautifull


  2. meredith April 12, 2012 / 11:23 am

    wow. This is a profound post. It says so much about identity on so many levels… so well!


  3. jadieighties June 11, 2012 / 3:58 am

    Nothing wrong with admiration for a set of skills and charms inherent to the opposite sex. I appreciate the reflection, and definitely empathize. 🙂


  4. mongrel4u June 12, 2012 / 7:52 pm

    Hi Nhan F- This is mainly to thank you for dropping by my blog and liking a couple of my entries. I am always amazed and honored that readers who are much younger than I find something of value in the life and work of a geezer such as myself. I am a devotee of fantasy and science fiction but not a gamer anymore. Dropped out somewhere back at Nintendo 64. But I do appreciate the graphics. Again thanks for liking my stuff.


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