Yellow Insensitivity Part 2

Here we go again.

Are modern journalists losing their ability to walk on eggshells when the situation calls for it, especially with recent controversial events? What happened to getting the facts straight?

But in the person’s defense, it was technically an honest mistake. A lot of Asian countries do use the surnames first, and not many people realize that Korean names often have “parts” to them. Regardless, poor judgment is poor judgment no matter how you want to look at it.

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She’s a Lady

When I sat down and really thought about it, I realize I play a lot of female champions in “League of Legends.” In fact, some of my best characters in my arsenal happen to be reppin’ the ♀ sign. Growing up as a male gamer, I used to be reluctant to play any female character in games. I don’t know what I would classify it as, perhaps a phase of being afraid to be called weird for “picking a girl” in a game.

Granted, the gaming industry back then had significantly less female characters to choose from, though there were some exceptions. For instance, characters like Samus Aran from the “Metroid” series paved the way for the gaming world to accept the fact that a strong, female protagonist could be the main hero of a story. Other female characters like Chun-Li would gradually be added into more games, though would largely remain as niche characters to even out the gender distribution (sort of, anyway).

Fast-forward to modern times though, and it is clear that there are plenty of female characters available to select from (though other topics like oversexualization and unfair gender portrayals are different matters altogether to keep in mind).

Anyway, I proudly pick female characters in “League of Legends” without worry. Below is a list of five of my “best” female champions who I play, in no particular order of importance.

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Same Path, New Outlook

Just because I could today, I decided to go on my old walk that I used to do a lot back in the summer. I used this walk as a therapeutic activity where I tried to release my negative emotions, wallowed in some more pain and it just gave me time to think. I thought about random things during the past summer: my circumstances, my future, my goals, my wild dreams for how to escape out of my rut and so forth.

I have to say that the simple act of walking outside, with the fresh air filling my lungs and the simple joy of observing nature in action = an effective remedy to heal from your woes over time.

It was nice to clear my head again with an improved lease on life. Plus, it gave me an excuse to use my new video camera. The weather could have been better, but it was still a decent day for some random photos. Keep in mind that I saw these exact spots at least 100 times throughout the summer. But something about this kind of stuff puts your mind at ease, no matter how many times I come across these same areas.

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What’s wrong with being kind from the bottom of your heart with utmost sincerity? Why do people try to attach strings to every nice gesture, as if genuine goodness is too far-fetched to accept at face value? Human compassion does not have to come at a premium when being benevolent should be second nature. Let’s balance out the negativity in this world with more positivity, already!