A Looming Idea – To Make Videos

I have thought about this for a long time – perhaps I should start making some YouTube videos. There have been many reasons as to why I have not done so already.

The list includes:

– A bad computer for recording.
– Lack of equipment (at the moment anyway).
– Lack of editing programs and software.
– Figuring out a target audience to cater to.
– Setting aside enough time and energy to develop my videos.
– The constant need of keeping content fresh and interesting, while also releasing videos at a good pace so people come back for more.
– Simply put, I am an extremely shy person in real life.

Basically, I have felt compelled for a long time to tell the world about myself, my interests, my personal struggles and whatnot, but I guess the fear of ridicule and embarrassment can be quite discouraging. On the other hand, I feel that I could easily create unique content that would be entertaining enough for some people to enjoy it, at least.

And it is not like I am completely new to making videos. Back in high school, I used to be the main editor for the school’s “student news program” where we aired a short episode every day about things like our varsity sports and announcing upcoming events/activities. I also did some light reporting from time to time as the No. 1 Asian reporter, but this is a different story. Though the editing program I used was quite basic, I got pretty good at putting together videos on the fly (I was easily the best at in class).

In addition, I realized back then that I had a natural knack for seeing things like video pacing, how to insert appropriate sound effects, how to align text for it to be easy to read … and so forth. It is honestly a shame I never tried to develop my video-editing skills any further.

Nonetheless, now that I have the funds to fund a possible attempt at treading the YouTube waters, I should really think long and hard about this matter.


2 thoughts on “A Looming Idea – To Make Videos

  1. theactorvist December 20, 2011 / 12:02 am

    You bring up a number of great reasons on why you don’t do it, or haven’t done it. I think you should do it. Stop thinking about it. Once you begin editing your first video, you’ll be hooked. Then you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it soon. Things will begin to fall into place once you take that first step.
    And you can always require approval for your comments on YouTube or do away with them completely.


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