Having Heart

Random story time.

When I was like a first or second grader, my elementary school was having its annual food drive that always occurs around Thanksgiving time. As a kid who did not really think very far ahead, I recall just proceeding to head home when the school bell rang, raiding the pantry for some random cans of food to bring to class the next day. I ended up bringing a lot of cans for the food drive.

Of course, I was met with my mom being quite peeved with me about taking all that food to donate to the poor (again, my family did not have much money back then). But nonetheless, my mom eventually hugged and comforted me, complimenting me for being so thoughtful of others.┬áTo be a child who thought of others’ well-being like that … is refreshing to say the least.

Fast-forward to the present time, and I am still doing stuff like this. Today while running some errands, I donated some food for a local food drive at a nearby grocery store. I saw my simple opportunity to brighten up a family’s holidays by a bit, so I went for it.

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