‘V’ for Victory

I have become someone obsessed with winning.

And I am not exaggerating, either. Rarely now can I stomach a loss in anything I do, especially in regards to gaming. Losing stings too much.

Throughout my life, I have been around those who were acclimated with losing. It did not help that basically every school I was a part of had losing sports programs. Elementary school, middle school, high school and a little bit less in college … Continue reading


Cry Wulff

Paul Wulff has been officially fired as head coach of the Washington State University football team. (Special thanks to Jessica Cope for the link.)

It was expected that Wulff would not continue as head coach based on the football program’s performance. There were some genuine bright spots in these past years, but all the positive aspects were easily outweighed by the multiple blunders and embarrassing defeats.

It was time for Wulff to go. Good luck, Wulff. You will always be a Coug.


Universal Storytelling

I watch a lot of random music videos in attempt to draw inspiration and to learn cinematography angles, which Japanese music videos in particular usually have excellent symbolism and beautiful camera shots in their videos.

This music video is performed by 九州男 feat. HOME MADE 家族 (Kusuo featuring Home Made Kazoku). The song is called 『約束。。』 (Yakusoku – Promise). Even without understanding Japanese, just watching the video by itself demonstrates how a story can be told with meaningful imagery.

End of the Wulff Pack?

Paul Wulff, it’s time for you to go.

When Wulff replaced Bill Doba a few years back as head coach of the Washington State University football program, everyone was excited for the changing of the guard, the reunion of a former WSU alumnus and player to coach the biggest sport for American colleges. Needless to say, I was one of these individuals who looked forward to a new face for the football program.

Wulff, you certainly looked the part. To me, you came off as someone who could lead our program to great things, at least on the surface.

But then that ill-fated first season came along. WSU ended up with a 2-11 record, but at least the Apple Cup was won that year. I froze my butt off with my friends to watch that game in chilly Pullman weather. It was a technically crappy football on a lot of levels, but it was so thrilling to nab a special victory for that day that I will never forget. Continue reading