Crossroads in a Writer’s Life

I’ve found myself sort of perplexed as to which path I want to end up at, as far as being a writer goes. For a long time, I’ve told others that my main writing talents lie in the technical side of things: spelling, grammar, simplicity and whatnot.

However, when I first began writing “The Coug,” I had to switch gears back toward a style I didn’t really delve much into since like fifth grade. Back in the day (and I mean way back then), I really liked daydreaming stories in my mind. There was something about coming up with random tales for the mere sake of it that was very fun and appealing to me. But I would find that coming up with the stories and writing them would be two different ballgames altogether.

Cooking up the tales was the easy part, but to blast out a few hundred words for the story to make sense to others – now that was a challenge even back then. Continue reading