Dialogue Practice

So my friend is trying to design a game, and this type of game requires a lot of dialogue scenarios. As practice, I will try to cook up a quick, random dialogue using this prompt in a short manner. The scenario: a male protagonist meets a girl.

GENEX011 = Generic Girl X personality (fun/serious/shy). No disposition (cannot be overly athletic/artistic/religious/studious). Meet up event.

I am choosing the shy trait. I will try to blast out this dialogue as quickly as possible for me, thinking about things as little as possible. This will be good practice for learning how to get dialogue written faster, hopefully getting to a point where I can crank out character conversations in a quick manner to sound more natural. This will be a different means than trying to think too hard about every word in a sentence. Baby steps. Continue reading

Clashing Dragons Part 2

Why do we have to clash again as dragons?

In the perfect world, whenever you’re sick, the people around you would be aware that you need time to heal. Some illnesses don’t go away overnight, let alone a full year.

Despite how much forward progress I’ve made, it’s disturbing how quickly all my efforts to feel better can be undone so easily. It’s like the psychological wounds I spent so much time wrapping up with bandages have been exposed again to force me to relive through the same anguish I thought was well behind me.

No pain, no gain. I suppose, but is undergoing further suffering completely necessary?

I sure hope not.
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