Ambition in Action

Catching Z’s

Going to bed and then waking up at about the same times every day has been a weird transition to get back into. Before, my whole sleeping schedule had been so erratic, so inconsistent. There would be nights where I would go to sleep late into the morning and wake up at noon, and then there could be nights where I would sleep early and wake up mid-morning.

Sleeping at normal times is one step toward an assemblance of a normal, stable lifestyle.

Early Journalism Memories

Taking a look at my days of high school Yearbook during senior year has brought back a lot of memories. Yearbook was part of the reason I ended up majoring in communication/journalism in college. I realized I was comfortable with putting words and pictures together to tell a story.

I was so different back then.



Pham Fact: I Love the Word ‘Strategy’

Strategy is easily one of my favorite words in the world. I love the notion of strategy, the implied tactics associated with it.

One of my favorite elements in gaming is the tactical part of it, where devising a new means of playing the game to attain victory becomes necessary as your skill level rises. It is extremely fun for me to win with strategies I come up with for a given game.

League of Legends” just recently released its Dominion mode, so now I will have something different to strategize new methods to win at the game.