Feeling ‘Busy’

For the last few months, I have been sort of “busy” to a degree with trying to recover from all of my illnesses while also completing various projects, so this particular Japanese saying is kind of appropriate.

Neko no te mo karitai.
(I want to borrow a cat’s paw.)

This is a Japanese saying that is used when someone is so busy that they wish they could have a helping hand. I remember back in college when I was doing so many random things at once that there were times where I wanted to ask for help, but I soldiered up and took on all the responsibilities. I miss the feeling of being truly “busy” because, though college was hard and all for me, it made me feel like I always had something to do. Being busy means you’re being productive in some way.

Hopefully, there will eventually come a point where I can utter this Japanese saying myself because I will be extremely busy with something spectacular.