One of the few things I can direct my emotions toward is “League of Legends.” LoL has been a necessary outlet to direct both happy and bad thoughts into the game as opposed to letting them affect my real-life surroundings.

Burying my feelings into the game has been a daily remedy, an everyday ritual to keep my sanity together.

One of the big things I have noticed is that bad thoughts can actually affect the way I play in negative ways. Anger and frustration cause me to do stupid errors, which can cause me to lose during a given game.

So to counteract this, I have tried to remain calmer in my games. Being optimistic actually helps in how I play the game. I am not playing with fury, but instead I can just concentrate on the task at hand. I have won more games this way than trying to play while feeling irate.

In addition, I have started to become “the cheerful player” in my games. Whenever other people start to rage, I try to be the one who calms them down. I try to use pep talk and words of encouragement to keep the team morale up. Sort of cheesy, but I have won more games because of this.