What a Riot (Part 2)

My friend got me to play “League of Legends” near the end of summer 2010. It was in the same vein of the “Defense of the Ancients” game that I played extensively for four years throughout college. LoL is a tricky game to explain to someone who doesn’t understand the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, so I won’t go into detail of how the game is played.

I needed a quick username for LoL, so I chose “Coug54” for the sake of simplicity. I love the WSU Cougs and my favorite number is 54. Easy to remember, too.

Basically, the main reason I made the transition from DotA to LoL was because of Nidalee. She is a LoL character in the game who can transform herself into a cougar, my favorite cat species in the world. I remember collecting enough Influence Points (LoL’s in-game currency for playing the game) so I could purposefully unlock Nidalee as my first playable character. LoL had an addicting appeal to it that I found myself having loads of fun as Nidalee, pouncing around as a cougar and winning games with the female feline.

And from there, the real immersion began.
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