Pham Fact: I’m a Johnny

You can call me Johnny – at least in regards to my gaming style.

The popular card game known as Magic: The Gathering designs its myriad of cards around three gamer archetypes: Timmy, Johnny and Spike.

Timmy-type players play a game for big thrills. They care more about experiencing something cool rather than winning all of the time. A Timmy just wants to be entertained and amused. Many casual players of games fall into the Timmy archetype.

Johnny-type players play a game to be creative. Winning is important to them, but only if it’s in their own unique style. For a Johnny, victory is not satisfying unless they could put their own spin on things. Johnny players don’t necessarily play a game in the most efficient manner possible – they just like to do things their own way, regardless of how optimal it is or not.

Spike-type players just want to win by the most efficient manner. These type of players find fulfillment in winning and proving to others that they are the best. For a Spike, inefficiency is a huge no-no. Only the “strongest” strategies are relevant to this player archetype.

Furthermore, each archetype can also mix with other archetypes (e.g. a Timmy player can have a creativity-seeking Johnny side to them). Every gamer varies from person to person in terms of their gamer style, though I am content with calling myself a Johnny-type player in this respect.

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