Wii-ving the Future of Nintendo

So Nintendo announced its next console slated for 2012 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is simply called the Wii U. Overall, I don’t know what to think about it. I purchased the Nintendo Wii a few years back, and the system has lacked a lot of premium titles outside of a few exceptions. I found myself playing the system here and there to revisit some classic games, but overall I kind of wish the system had more to offer. Besides having inferior graphics and sound capabilities, the Wii’s motion controls quickly lose their appeal after a while.

Based on this particular video, the Wii U should bring some cool things to the table. Nintendo always delivers in the innovation category, but the thing always in question will be if developers are willing to hop on aboard to create titles for the system itself. This was a huge problem back in the day for the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube (those smaller discs alienated developers from making games for the purple lunch box). Nevertheless, it is just too early to make predictions. I have always favored Nintendo products, so I hope the console will deliver the goods when it finally reaches store shelves.