An Angry Aura

As I was walking around the WSU campus, I came across two black cats. They sat on some steps near Southside Café and minded their own business. I approached the cats, but they quickly started to scamper away. Now I know I shouldn’t look too much into this, but the cats moving away from me really bothered me. Perhaps it was the fact that they were strays and were understandably timid, but I think it has to do with how I was feeling during that moment.

Cats are said to pick up on the energy of others, as in they can sense the vibe you are giving off. I felt frustrated and perplexed, so I am thinking this is what drove the cats away from me. Needless to say, it made me realize that I have been feeling quite blue and edgy for far too long. Now I have animals telling me that I should make better strides to recover from my illnesses.

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