Your Inner Wannabe(s): Part 2

So another inner wannabe I have inside of me wants to be a better singer. I listen to music a lot. I try to sing along in an embarrassing fashion (being tone deaf to the point where it could be counted as a speech impediment doesn’t help, either). This is part of the reason why I try to sing aloud when no one else is in the household. It’s like there is a certain part of me who knows that I will never be a decent singer, which in turn causes my inner wannabe singer to try even harder at singing … if this makes any sense at all.

Nevertheless, I like to challenge myself. And so, I grabbed one of my favorite Japanese songs that I intend to come up with an English version of my own. Of course, I intend to get someone who can actually sing to perform it. Regardless if I can find someone or not to perform my version (you really don’t want to hear me sing), trying to come up with a translation dub for a foreign song is quite tricky.

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