It’s All in the Name

Even in the gaming world, people like to judge others. And when it comes to first impressions online, it’s all about the username. I am a firm believer that a username can say a lot about someone before you actually see them play. In just a few letters or numbers, a username can tell you some things about the player: their favorite hobby, their favorite animal, their sense of creativity, their maturity level and so forth. Though it may be stereotyping (and we all don’t do this in real life /sarcasm), I must say that a lot of these generalizations end up being true.

Oftentimes, these stereotypes carry negative connotations. It is quite frustrating when you have a weak player on your team, and then you check the name to realize that they fit in the “bad name” criteria. In a way, analyzing a username can be a type of pseudo-science.

*Here are some name elements I look out for when I game:

Note* The examples below are made-up usernames.

– Having a first name in the username in an unmodified fashion tends to show a lack of creativity. A lack of creativity means that this player may not even try to think outside the box at all, which means the player will probably utilize less “complicated” in-game techniques and strategies. Example – Steve25.
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