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League of Legends
LoL has been my main game throughout this past year. It is part of the rising gaming genre called a MOBA – a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. If you haven’t played a MOBA before, it is a bit tricky to explain. Basically, LoL involves a team of players trying to destroy the opposing team’s main building called a Nexus.

You work toward this particular goal  by controlling a character called a Champion. Each Champion has a variety of skills to use that do different effects, and so the main idea is to use your skill-sets in combination with your teammates’ abilities to defeat the opposing team.

In addition, victory often entails achieving a bunch of other objectives throughout the course of one game, so there is a good amount of depth behind winning a LoL match.

Strategy is my favorite element of gaming. I thoroughly enjoy coming up with my own tactics to achieve victory in my own way. With LoL, I am allowed to put my own stamp on things to reflect how I play the game.

If you’re ever up for a game of LoL, add my Summoner name – Nhan Fiction (Formally Coug54).

Gameplay Example

This is a video of someone else playing the game as my favorite Champion in the game, Nidalee. Cougar power!

League of Legends-Related Projects
As a frequent poster on the Leaguecraft forums, I enjoy writing about LoL. Below are some of my writing samples.

Champion Suggestions
Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Ver. 3.0)
Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Ver. 4.0)
Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Ver. 5.0)

Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Ver. 6.0)
Mai, The Miracle Maiden
Goliath, The Guardian Golem
Kiya, The Feline of Fervor
Kiya (Blog Version)
Avrillya, The Vindictive Assailant
Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid
Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid (Wiki)
Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands
Sylphie, the Butterfly Faerie
Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands (Version 2.0)
Maki, the Shrine Maiden

Champion Strategy Guides
Singed, The Mad Chemist

Nidalee, The Bestial Huntress
Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover
Ashe, The Frost Archer

Game Strategy Guides
Emotions: The Driving Force behind Player Performance
Emotions: The Driving Force behind Player Performance+

Champion Guides I’ve Edited
Bguggs (Rammus Guide)
Dimble (Caitlyn Guide)

Something Random
A List of In-Game Writing Errors
A Letter that I Edited
Guide-Editing Services
Pham Fact: I’m a Johnny
Ten Random Things I Say When Playing ‘LoL’
Another Me – The Gamer
It’s All in the Name
Girl Power (In Gaming)
The O Word
Riot’s Recent Champ Release Report Card
She’s a Lady
She’s a Lady Part 2
Page Me
Artsy Part 2
Star Power
Kiya (Voice)
Kiya (Lore 2.0)
The Grind
Graphics Aren’t Everything
Graphics Aren’t Everything Part 2
LoL Pet Peeves
Dat Support
Voices Part 2
Work to Succeed
LoL’s Draft Mode Needs More Bans
Heavy Metal
Kiya (Wiki)
Vikki (Wiki)
LoL: Getting Your Buttons Pushed
Bubbly Part 2
Bubbly Part 3
Bubbly Part 4
Bubbly Part 5
Bubbly Part 6
Bubbly Part 7
Bubbly Part 8
Bubbly Part 9
Bubbly Part 10
Bubbly Part 11
Bubbly Part 12
Bubbly Part 13
Bubbly Part 14
Bubbly Part 15
(Summoner) Spell It Out for Me
Item Housekeeping
Practice Makes Perfect
Close Quarters
I Surrender
The Jungle Jam
Champion Spotlight Impressions: Syndra
That Far Away?
Attitude Adjustment
The Holy Trinity for Ranged Carries
Outrageous Aegis
Ping Me
Fight as Five
Fight as Five Part 2
Why Fuel the Fire?
Pre-game Communication
Too Bright
Unpopular Opinion
Dat Dominion
The Ellipsis of …
A French Twist (Fiora Remake)
Nami vs. Cerule (A Battle of Voice Acting)
The Support Hot Potato
Such a Riot
Fantastic 15
Lesson Learned
Eat Crow
A New League
Purr-fect Part 2
Purr-fect Part 3
Purr-fect Part 4
Purr-fect Part 5
Purr-fect Part 6
Purr-fect Part 7
Purr-fect Part 8
Purr-fect Part 9
Purr-fect Part 10
Purr-fect Part 11
Purr-fect Part 12
Purr-fect Part 13
Purr-fect Part 14
Purr-fect Part 15
Purr-fect Part 16
Purr-fect Part 17
Purr-fect Part 18
Purr-fect Part 19
Purr-fect Part 20
Kitty Heaven
Toward the Top
Toward the Top Part 2
Toward the Top Part 3
Toward the Top Part 4
Toward the Top Part 5
Toward the Top Part 6
Toward the Top Part 7
Toward the Top Part 8
Toward the Top Part 9
How Resourceful
The Right Recipe
A Casual Attitude Waters Down Ranked Play
First Penta …
Someone Called Karma
Fluttery Part 2
Fluttery Part 3
Fluttery Part 4
Fluttery Part 5
Fluttery Part 6
Fluttery Part 7
Fluttery Part 8
Fluttery Part 9
Fluttery Part 10
Fluttery Part 11
Fluttery Part 12
Fluttery Part 13
Fluttery Part 14
Fluttery Part 15
Fluttery Part 16
Fluttery Part 17
Fluttery Part 18
Like a Pro
Decide the Tide
Bubbly Purr-fect
Power Girl
Warrior Woman
Warrior Woman Part 2
Ms. Melody
Celestial Child
French Fencer
Steampunk Sheriff
Avenging Angel
Bop & Pop
Ninja Assassin
Cold Champion
Stealth Step
A Darling Duelist
Shock and Awe
Vi for Violence
My Five “Bad Luck” Champs
Champion Guide: Fiora, the Grand Duelist
Teamwork OP
The Play-setter and Playmaker
The Play-setter and Playmaker Part 2
The Play-setter and Playmaker Part 3
The Play-setter and Playmaker Part 4
The Play-setter and Playmaker Part 5
Pet Peeve: Redirecting Blame
Pet Peeve: Toxic Community Members
Late-season Terrors in Ranked
Diamond Dreams

MOBA Monday
MOBA Monday: A Change of Heart
MOBA Monday: Remaking a Darling Duelist
MOBA Monday: Fantastic 15 (Season Four)
MOBA Monday: The Beginning
MOBA Monday: Prepping for the Fourth LoL Season
MOBA Monday: A Fiora Fix
MOBA Monday: Taste Testing Flavor of the Month
MOBA Monday: Maki, the Shrine Maiden
MOBA Monday: Balance & Viability
MOBA Monday: French Flower
MOBA Monday: Serenity

LoL Philosophies
LoL Philosophy No. 1
LoL Philosophy No. 2
LoL Philosophy No. 3
LoL Philosophy No. 4

Guest Post(s)
Elise, the Spide Queen; or How Riot Forgot That Women Wear Clothes
what’s up gurl?
For Honor (and ribbons)
The value of teamwork

Fun Fact: I compiled a list off 33 pages worth of writing errors, which I submitted to Riot Games, the game company behind LoL. A lot of people may not care about typos, but the game now has a lot less writing mistakes because of my list.

What a Riot (Part 1)
What a Riot (Part 2)
What a Riot (Part 3)
What a Riot (Part 4)
What a Riot (Part 5)
What a Riot (Part 6)
What a Riot (Part 7)
What a Riot (Part 8)

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  2. Sent you a request on my smurf because I’m on it frequently trying to get friends up to speed on the game.

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  3. Great to see you’re another league fan, are you watching the MLG Anaheim tournament this weekend?

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  4. My friend finally got me to download LoL hahaha. haven’t tried it out yet but it reminded me of you :)

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  5. My daughter keeps trying to get me to play LoL, but I can’t get the hang of it. Just gonna stick with WoW. :)

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  6. A fellow LoL player? Great to meet you, Nhan. :)

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