Fall 2013 Anime Preview


It’s autumn, so this means a whole new season of anime to check out.

Of course, this 2013 anime lineup has A LOT of shows. An avid viewer of anime needs to weed out the good from the bad, just like they would for any TV sitcom out there.

I have checked out the first episodes of random anime series for this fall, and below are my various thoughts with a guideline of my opinions.

Of course, you have to take these ratings with a grain of salt. I put a lot of emphasis toward first-episode impressions. With so many shows in any given anime season, having the viewer hooked enough to keep watching a series is important. After all, if one anime show will not get your attention, another one is bound to catch your interest.
Rating Key
1 = Just terrible. An anime with this rating makes me question humanity, and I feel sorry for all the money wasted toward animating this piece of garbage.

2 = Lackluster. An anime with this rating misses the mark on many levels. It is better than trash tier, but the anime is still crappy in some fashion.

3 = Average. Lots of anime fall into the “OK” category by default, but some do not excel enough to stand out from the crowd.

4 = Great. An anime that strives for “oomph” is always a treat because it went the extra mile to be more than ordinary.

5 = Outstanding. Every season, there is always that “must see” anime or two that one should never miss out on for the viewing experience of a lifetime.

One of those “twisted” anime stories. Very intriguing. I want to see what happens next.

Initial Impression of First Episode: 4/5
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Am I doing this right—???! //Rambles idk e ue;


It’s been about a year since I posted anything here, ahahahahah–//SHOT

I’m still really uncertain about what I’m supposed to type here, but… e w e Nhan-san the man once said something like, “Just be yourself and type!” or something along those lines… Or maybe he didn’t… Uaaaah…

I’m not gonna try to catch you (whoever may be reading this, uah…) up on my life– ‘cos that would take way too long and I would probably get bored, haha.
I actually get bored really easily. My friends in Psychology told me that multi-tasking eats away at your short-term memory. Suddenly my entire life makes sense–//gulp

.w. Hopefully I’ll be able to think of better things to post here than pointless rambles, haha. Like voice acting!!!

I’ve recently gotten back into voice acting, aaaah! I’m open for scouting– I’ll leave you with my demo reel! :D I probably won’t get any work from here, lol, but I tried to make the demo short and entertaining so as to hold your attention span!
Welp. Hopefully I’ll remember to start posting here more often!!! e u e I’m surprised I wasn’t removed from the site, ahahah–//shot

What a ☆ Part 29


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In your dreams, there is a place where your hearts now lies
It is more fragile than your waking life you have held
You can abandon it, yet it’s always there
Now, please go
It’s time to sleep in peace

My pulsing rage, living inside me, defiles wishes that I harbor
Before my mind fades away, deep in my heart, I remember

In this beautiful and yet very cruel world, which we live in
We keep asking ourselves alone, “Why was I the one who survived?”
And truly what is it that we want to protect the most?
With our strength and weakness, we fight
Reason and logic held together fade away

P.S. “Attack on Titan” is awesome. GO WATCH THE ANIME RIGHT NOW!

Anime Recommendation: Zero no Tsukaima


From Zero to Hero?
I just finished the first season of “Zero no Tsukaima” (The Familiar of Zero), and I really enjoyed it.

Synopsis: Louise is a magician at the Tristein Academy, dubbed with the nickname “Zero Louise” due to her inability to effectively use her magic properly, resulting in zero successes. An upcoming test at her academy requires her to summon a familiar, a servant and partner to support her as a magician. Despite desiring a familiar that would be superior to her constantly mocking classmates, Louise ends up summoning Hiraga Saito, your average Japanese boy. Even with Louise and Saito both unwilling to accept each other, they have no choice. Louise cannot attempt another summoning and Saito cannot return to Japan, and so their life together begins. Based on the novel by Noboru Yamaguchi.

I was actually looking for a romantic, shoujo anime to watch, and then I came across “Zero no Tsukaima” on a random list on a forum. It turns out this anime was basically a harem instead of a romantic shoujo, but I still liked it regardless. I found the characters really fun, and I am going to give this anime extra props for actually having an Asian male who hooks up with a non-Asian girl(s) (take that, society).

So yeah, this “shounen” anime is one I will consider watching further (it has three more seasons). I just found Louise and Saito so sweet together as a pair.

Japanese Te Form Song


So I am trying to get into doing YouTube stuff (finally).

For this particular video, I had to relearn a lot of things, and I had to overcome all kinds of bouts with social anxiety and whatnot. I hope it turned out all right. ^^;

The Te Form Song
み, に and び go to んで
い, ち and り go to small っ and て
き to いて
ぎ to いで
If it’s an E-1, here’s what you do
Just put a て in place of ます

The Pride of Australia Part 2


Zoey had to get a cone of shame from the vet. She had a thorn removed from her paw. The cone needs to stay on for a whole week. I have never seen this dog in so much discomfort before. No dog likes the cone of shame. That’s for sure.

What a ☆ Part 25


Nhan-Fiction Note: Attack on Titan is awesome!

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Sind sie das Essen? nein, Wir sind die Jäger! (They are the food and we are the hunters!)
Trampled flowers showered in blood
Names, which no one dares remember
When the birds fall, they await for wind that guides them to fly again
Though you pray for peace and no strife, not a thing would change in this life
We will stand and fight bitterness
It’s the way we’ll make a difference

Ignore the pigs who ridicule you
 for having the will to step over (dead bodies) and fight
Our complacency strengthens false reality
We’re as free as starving wolves

Channel the fear of your (own) imprisonment into your fists and fight the oppression
Travel beyond the walls that confine you
Hunters, be ready to slay your prey!
As you go on you’ll start to feel your body burn overflowing with anger
Pick up your bow, and quickly as you can, fire off a flame

Original Japanese Version

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What a ☆ Part 24


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Quietly, I try to laugh
Through the tears that I’m holding back
Colors that I picture flow
From a palette like a rainbow

“Please distinguish me”
Emotions draining from me
Fill me with your paint before
I disappear

“Love you”
A line that melts to drops of beautiful blue
Like gently falling tears
“Thank you”
Ascending like a deeply red melody
Is sweet music to my ears, ah~ah~ah~

“I will be Eraser’s mind”

Spinning inside of me in navy
Are revolving memories
As we are drawing just close enough
Our future is
With colors bright

“Love you”
Is painted out in shades of shadowy gray
A joy is filling me
“Thank you”
Falls slowly from my lips and is washed away
By only the purest kiss, ah~ah~ah~

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Deck Profile: Anti-Cure


Hello, nurse!

Actually, seeing this particular nurse at your doctor’s appointment would spell bad news. As a children’s card game demonstrates, Nurse Reficule the Fallen One has a different idea of “treatment.”

The Anti-Cure (also known as other things like Anti-Heal) deck offers an alternate win condition in a unique way: you defeat your opponent by hurting them through healing. I decided to put together my own take on the deck strategy on YGOPRO.

Though gimmicky, this deck catches people off-guard. It could probably compel some opponents to seek medical attention when they are on the receiving end of this deck’s devastating combos.
The Deck Recipe

Nhan-Fiction Note: Each card shown below is subject to change. This is just the current deck recipe as I am writing this post out.


Mystic Tomato x1
Nurse Reficule the Fallen One x3
Marshmallon x3
Mask of Darkness x3
Cardcar D x1
Morphing Jar x1
Maxx “C” x1

Heavy Storm x1
Dark Hole x1
Rain of Mercy x3
Upstart Goblin x3
Soul Taker x3
Monster Reborn x1
Pot of Duality x2

Gift Card x3
The Paths of Destiny x3
Starlight Road x1
Bad Reaction to Simochi x3
Solemn Judgment x1
Dark Bribe x2

Extra Deck
Stardust Dragon x1
Photon Papilloperative x1
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Kitty Heaven


Imoristar’s cat passed away this past day, and it would really mean a lot if people could please swing by to her Kiya voice video to leave some good vibes for this sad time. Alternatively, tweeting to her some positive energy would be super nice as well. :(

Whether you are a League or cat fan, pets bring so much joy to our lives, so it would really mean a lot to show some support. >^..^<

Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands is an elaborate, custom champion for “League of Legends.”

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Birds of Prey Part 2


So a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! players have flocked over to YGOPRO for their online Duels.

Unlike Dueling Network, the website many Yu-Gi-Oh! players have been using prior to this newer program, YGOPRO features a slick system that takes care of a lot of the complex triggers and mechanics automatically. Dueling Network relied on the players doing things by manual means (from determining how card effects resolved to other tedious things like calculating damage).

YGOPRO’s quicker and well-programmed system makes it an attractive choice for Yu-Gi-Oh! players who want streamlined matches without having to wait a century between turns.

I decided to recreate my Harpies deck from Dueling Network with some minor modifications to try out on YGOPRO. Continue reading

Card Game Love


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Nhan-Fiction Note: If you’re a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff, then the images below make the scene that much cuter. かっとビング!

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