Winter Woes

I really hate the snow. Things were so pleasant this winter because I did not have to deal with the cold, white stuff on a continued basis … but now it’s like Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Did you think I would forget?”

Ugh, now that the snow is here, I am hoping the weather ends up being reasonable. I have to drive up and down a really HUGE HILL to reach my part-time job. I am not looking forward to dealing with this in possible blizzards and while trying to traverse icy roads. >.>

Daily Distractions

I think a lot of people can be quite productive … when they want to be.

In a world with so many things that can and will distract you, it is often not surprising when something catches your attention and then ends up eating up hours of your time before you know it. This weekend in particular, I wanted to get a lot more work done, but alas I am very vulnerable to random things vying for my attention. It could be a TV show, a YouTube video, a forum thread … lots of things can end up causing me to forget all of the things I had planned to do.

But nonetheless, I think it really just boils down to a sense of personal discipline. If you do not have someone to remind you to get something done, then ultimately it is up you, and only you, to muster up enough motivation to be diligent with your own work.

Consistent Routine

It has been quite the process to get back into the swing of things with a consistent schedule every week, where things have to be prioritized as obligations. I have much less free time now, but it feels good to be productive and busy. However, I believe I need to sort my activities throughout the week and get more done to increase my sense of accomplishment. At times, I feel like I could be finishing up many more projects.

Oh well, I keep telling myself I am just getting my mind and body used to a consistent routine. I just need to continue working hard to take control of my life again.

Using Your Available Capital

I came across this article that advocates for women to use their “beauty capital” to get ahead in the workplace.

Simply put, the article made a lot of sense to me. In this world, it’s best to use whatever cards you can play, and for women who strut their beauty capital, it is no different.

Sure, people these days could argue that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or beauty is only skin deep, but who are we kidding? Humans, by nature, are shallow. There is no denying this fact.

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