Powerful Persistence


I have learned that one needs to persist, persist and persist if results want to be achieved. Being lazy about pursuing a given goal is not how you want to get things done. Ever.

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Sudden Change … Again


I have experienced lots of sudden and abrupt changes that force me to adjust on the fly, especially in these past two years filled with awkwardness and moments of uncertainty plus despair all rolled into one strange package. Once again, I am compelled to rethink my plans for the future.

Nonetheless, I find myself pleasantly content with the new challenges that await me, particularly in regards to how it will affect my various self-imposed objectives.

I guess a lot of this has to do with my brighter viewpoint on life, where every obstacle is not an impossible hurdle to overcome but a test of willpower and patience to be tenacious when the going gets tough. Well, my circumstances have gotten significantly more difficult, but I am not stressing … at least not yet. If life were easy, we would all be living in the lap of luxury, sipping on cool glasses of lemonade without a care in the world.

But news flash – life is hard. Life will try to break you down any chance it gets, and it will show no mercy doing it.

I am not afraid of these looming difficulties anymore, but instead I am more than confident at taking them head on with unsheathed claws!

Restaurant Menu Mastery Part 2


During my transition into a prep cook at the restaurant I work at for my a part-time job, I am taking my lumps to soak in all the new stuff. There are many small details I need to pick up, all kinds of minor things to recall and lots of practice needed before I can feel comfortable with what I am doing.

On the plus side, my knife skills have improved a lot than compared to when I started a few months ago. I am getting better at cutting things, though I could definitely tighten up my precision and a slight speed boost in slicing and dicing would be nice.

Overall, I am happy that I am getting these opportunities to learn. I have so much respect for the restaurant industry, so I just love that I can get some first-hand experience as a huge fan of restaurants.

Restaurant Menu Mastery


So at my part-time job in a Chinese restaurant, I am being transitioned away from the dish pit to focus more toward the food prepping and kitchen stuff. In particular, the main addition to this change will be working the ‘cold station’ of the restaurant’s very compact kitchen. I will be learning how to read the incoming tickets and then setting up the dishes so the cooks can quickly whip up the food in a timely manner.

On Friday evening, I had a crash course on this station.

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Getting Back on One’s Feet


It’s been a wobbly and clumsy endeavor to get back on my feet metaphorically, but life has been going well for me. I am feeling healthier and more productive than usual. I actually have some spending money to my name, albeit not as much as I would like. Nonetheless, perseverance pays off when you put forth the required effort and energy.

“Luck is tenacity of purpose.”
–  Elbert Hubbard



I really liked this song back in freshman year of college (I love the symbolism). Even back then, I was someone who always wanted to unleash my full potential to overcome any obstacle. Life is all about facing opponents we call adversity with everything you got. Granted, I will admit that it is often difficult to go full throttle at all times.
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A Prime Example


So today at my part-time job where I work at a Chinese restaurant, I ended up staying 20 minutes past the time I was supposed to clock out from, which was 4 p.m. Despite working for those 20 minutes, I opted instead to write 4 p.m. on the clock-in sheet. Essentially, I cheated myself out of 20 minutes where I did in fact do what needed to be done, so what is the big deal here?

In a way, I sort of “punished” myself for not being faster. I pride myself on speed when it comes to the food service industry. I obsessed over being quick when I worked at the dining center back in college, and I still make a fuss over it now.

For me, being fast means I am being productive. I do not want to dilly-dally when I know I can be blaze through something. I do not even bother taking my small, mandatory breaks required by law because they slow me down. Continue reading

Meaningful Proverbs No. 2


There is an extremely simple, but meaningful Japanese proverb.

Saru mo ki kara ochiru.
(Even monkeys fall from trees.)

There is not much to analyze about this proverb. It just means that even the best people make mistakes from time to time. I realized a long time ago that worrying too much about making a mistake is good and all, but not expecting to fail at any point is ludicrous. Especially as human beings, we are bound to make our share of blunders and fall from our respective trees.

The key, therefore, is how we climb back up after hitting the ground. Life is all about coming across obstacles and overcoming them. It is a constant test of willpower and perseverance.

Good Food


So my hands have been cut, my legs ache and I feel a bit weary in general – ahh, there is nothing like coming home after working for hours at a restaurant.

My part-time job is dishwashing at a small, but cozy Chinese restaurant called Gordy’s Sichuan Cafe. This restaurant only holds roughly a dozen tables for guests, but this doesn’t discourage people from queuing up at the door to have a bite. This place is deceptively very good, a real gem for the Spokane area and its rave reviews and various restaurant awards can attest to this fact.

But PR stuff aside, I have a lot of respect for the restaurant business in general. Continue reading