Prime Number


English Translation
All these emotions building up inside of me
I couldn’t get over any of them
So I can’t sleep

That pain I felt when it suddenly started to rain disappeared for a moment
I’m trying to understand a little bit of your world

Your reality and what I can see
Even if they’re a little different
I won’t let it end up like that old, beat-up T-shirt, so …

Fly into the world of prime numbers
You won’t get any duplicates when you multiply one
You don’t need to fill the holes in your heart
If you don’t really want to

More than leaving my memory behind in everyone in the world’s hearts
I want to be the sky you see from on top of the roof



English Translation
The clouds, lit bright orange, and two of our memories
Floating far into the distance
The sound of the bell echoing
Those pieces we shared, one each
I hope tomorrow will be sunny

Can we go beyond the stars?
Walking, looking at the sky, a single light
Even alone, on the face of the moon
Run right past the end of the circle

“You’ll be able to smile after you cry”
I said that because I know you can
You’ll never forget our journey, even for a moment
I’ll cast a little magic so you never lose it
And I won’t say goodbye
You’ll start walking again one day

Quote Find No. 80


“Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it.” 
- Sai Baba 

BTOOOM! (Opening 1 – English Fandub)


「No pain, No game」 – ナノ Nano

English fandub by Usachii Valconi.

I cling to the stories I’ve been told
And drift along a path to a future unknown
A distant new world

The game has only just begun
Now I see with new eyes

This is what tomorrow brings … a new game
It’s time to learn that pain is gain
Ready? Fight!

I blot out disappointments of the past
By turning to the future in front of me
Until my last breath, the end of life
I won’t let destiny control fate anymore

Break out and start a revolution
Search for the one and only truth among the lies

I push my limits on this hard race
This is the only chance, so take it
I’ll run past the fate that thinks it can claim my soul

I cling to the stories I’ve been told
And drift along a path to a future unknown
A distant new world

The game has only just begun
Now I see with new eyes

Imori Introduces Herself :D


Hey, Imori here, writing a post on behalf of my awesome editor, Nhan Pham.

I’m not really sure what to say so, I’ll just tell you a bit about myself. I started off translating Yu-Gi-Oh! songs.

I wasn’t well known at all, but I was always OK with that. No need to shed even a teardop. I just wanted to do what I’ve always wanted to sing and translate.
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Anime Recommendation: Tari Tari


Sometimes, it is the random discoveries in life that often end up being the most enjoyable. Tari Tari this anime season happened to be one of these out-of-nowhere-but-I-absolutely-ended-up-loving-it kind of shows for me. It is literally an anime series about a group of high school students who are brought together by music. Surprisingly, it ended up being of my favorite series to watch in the past few months.
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