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This song really resonates with my current outlook on life at the moment. Not to mention, Kill la Kill is a really cool anime.
Vocals by Sapphire (…)
Lyrics by Merr (
Editing/Mixing by Y.Chang ( and Sapphire

Cut the cord
And face tomorrow
Smash the door down
Takin’ charge
All the way…

On the edge and goin’ under
While the plastic world around me
Surrounds me
And holds me down

Blasted off into the thunder
Won’t admit that they’d just ground me
If they found me
As I am now

You I couldn’t fool anymore, though
You were born rebel, a fighter like me
You were more than willin’ to break my guard
And set the fire free
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Silky Heart


    “Silky Heart”
Artist:     Yui Horie
Anime:   Toradora! (とらドラ!)

Lyrics:   Jefferz
Vocals:  Spiral
Mixing:  Jefferz


My silky love
Oh every single hour of the day
My silky love
I’m always thinking ‘bout the things you say
My silky love
These feelings trapped within this heart of mine
My silky love
Will soon burst out of my chest and fly

If I could bring myself to just say that I love you
All of my worries would soon disappear
But each time I see you I push you for my doubting heart just interferes

Whenever in the past there were things holding me back
I’d go on and live out who I should be
But when it comes to us there’s this great wall that’s separating you and me

There are these feelings inside that I want you to know
They’re on the tip of my tongue, “How I do love you so”
With all the courage I have I will walk up to you
And with my heart I will tell you the truth

From the day that we met I’ve had this pure silky heart
But it’s quite delicate and it may all fall apart
How I’m always clumsy fumbling my words, maybe I’m in love

The heartaches of the past that almost faded away
The pain and hurting should our love go astray
Oh one day I’ll let my guard down and show you myself
And I’ll tell you all the hidden feelings in my heart I’ve felt

Someday in Our Future


By XxAngelOfYouthxXx.

If we combine our spirits together
We can manage it … either one way or another
Our power’s feeble, but our heads are strong
There are certain dreams we want to nurture

There’s still so much that we don’t understand
And we have nothing, only roadmaps in our pockets
Sooner or later we will make it through
We keep our heads up and take a step front!

What are you going to do when you mess up?
Why not put on a smile and just shout … Yay! Yay! Yay!
I want to sing this happy tune, with honest feelings streaming from our hearts!

One, two, three, four
Everyone, let’s go!

Someday, we will all make it. To that place that we’re dreaming of.
Someday, we can all get there. Let’s have some faith in what we all love.
At this time, there really is no point in feeling down because …
The excitement hasn’t even, even, even, even started yet!

What a ☆ Part 30


Nhan-Fiction Note: “WataMote” is awesome!

Please subscribe to Imoristar’s YouTube channel. She is such a !

I can’t even just speak normally
I really don’t know why
Am I dumb?

I’m all alone on my way home from school
I cannot say goodbye to anyone
Sitting … waiting wont change anything
That’s it! This is the beginning!

Man, everything’s so much easier online
It’s been awhile since I’ve last spoken (cough)
Being in sun or rain won’t change anything
That’s it! It really isn’t my fault at all!

So what if I have no friends?
So what if I’m all alone?
You know, if I get serious, I will be popular!

Oh, mirror, mirror on that wall, will you shatter? Will you fall?
Not at all! You must stop! Nevermore!
Oh, mirror, mirror on the wall, you don’t have to say it at all!
Just pretend you can’t hear it

You never reflect what’s inside – my beautiful, inner self
All those doubts, in your head, that is all
You only show this unappealing side of me that I can see
Time to face the truth!

Tomorrow is just like yesterday
I really don’t know why
I’m so dumb!

What a ☆ Part 28


A special thank you to Mokey-chan for dubbing this song for me. I absolutely love it! :)

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It’s not like we could have become best of friends
Right from the start
That’s the reality

In the midst of a serious battle
I find right here another me arising

This struggle-born awakening is a chance turn!
So grasp at it!
Duel! Dual-ism

Our cards sharpened by each other
A fated opponent I’ve found is a person mirroring the very beat of my heart

Even if it is just a tie, and together we slip and we fall right now
Keeping moving on

Route Venus


Nhan-Fiction Note: Sailor V/Venus is my favorite Sailor Scout.

English Translation of Lyrics
Open the door
The rest of the time, you will be breathing deeply
Open your eyes
Look straight ahead
Kiss me for the last time
Let’s take a walk, OK?

Truly, the wind tears away the darkness
The heart takes over seeing
The path can understand, right?
Destiny’s star has decided

Your choice is the white ROUTE
We soar to the future
Don’t get lost

As if being torn apart, my heart beats faster
Our paths are divided
Is it destiny?
The star is shining bright!

You choose the white cross
The future looms before you
Don’t get lost

The ocean stretches wide
The wind blows in this direction
It may be cold out, but still
Just keep running on!
From here, let’s watch the desert dawn!

What a ☆ Part 26


Please subscribe to Imoristar’s YouTube channel. She is such a !

I stayed here all alone
As time was passing on
A simple, little date
And that is what I’ll say we’re on

The people close to town
The gentle, floating clouds
They share a laugh as I sit
Waiting all day long

A really simple formula
That I don’t understand at all
The ticking of the clock is rushing like my heart is going to stop
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