Happy Haiku: Blue Mist


Happy Haiku!


Aoi kiri
Sabashii kokoro
Samui tama

English Translation
Blue mist
Lonely heart
Cold soul

- Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

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Happy Haiku: Sad Eyes


Happy Haiku!


Uchi itami
Shitataru namida
Kanashii me

English Translation
Pain within
Dripping tears
Sad eyes

- Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

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Invisible Wings


English Translation
At the corner of the wide earth
What are you staring at?

Whatever you do, it goes the wrong way
Those things happen … For everyone

If you kicked up a stone and grabbed it
You could dash out of here
You are not alone

Let’s raise our hands toward the top of the heavens
Something new is definitely bound to happen

Sadness too will someday change into a smile
With invisible wings that everyone has
Seeking out the place of our dreams

『Chaz x Imoristar』Proof of Life [English Dub]


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The soft voice of the wind whispers into my ear
The winter has arrived, my body is trembling
Right next to me is you
Your breath … it looks so white and it now seems to be so cold
This year, well as you see, my life’s become withered and frail

I wait for the upcoming spring so gently
While listening to the great chains of life
The life around me that continues to bud within the light
I know my fate is to rot away
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Little Busters! (Opening 1)


Lyrics by {Words of Songs}.

Little Busters!
Vocals: Rita
Lyrics: Maeda Jun
Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Nakazawa Tomoyuki & Ozaki Takeshi

Because it’s tough to be alone, we held our hands together
Because it’s lonely for the two of us, we held our hands together in a circle
I feel like this will certainly become thousands of doses of strength and keep any dream at bay

Jump high, high into the sky
Kick high and be loud
until you get beyond the days when you were discouraged
I won’t forget your voice, nor will I forget the tears
and the future known as ‘hope’ that starts from now

Your feet will start walking, even in the harshness soon to come

Little Busters!
Vocals: Rita

Hitori ga tsurai kara futatsu no te o tsunaida
Futari ja sabishii kara wa ni natte te o tsunaida
Kitto sore ga ikusen no chikara ni mo nari donna yume mo tateru ki ga surun da

Takaku tobe takaku sora e
Takaku kere takaku koe o age
Itsuka kujiketa sono hi no mukou made
Kimi no koe wasurenai namida mo wasurenai
Kore kara hajimaru kibou to iu na no mirai o

Sono ashi wa arukidasu yagate kuru kakoku mo