The Swing of Things


I definitely suffer from mood swings. It is evident in how certain sides of me reveal themselves here and there, particularly the extremely angry and vehement personality.

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Criticism Creates a Chance to Improve


I am human. I make mistakes. Sometimes, I make more mistakes than I should. And I will admit this fact when it is applicable.

However, I like to learn from my errors.

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The Impersonal Aspect … Or One Would Think


I definitely have more internet friends than real-life friends, at least at this point in my life.

Internet friends have always been easy for me to make. Through mediums such as online gaming, it is a cinch to make the acquaintance of someone far, far away from me and then become good buddies as if we had known each other for years.

Conversely, real-life friends are more difficult for me to get used to. I am naturally shy and socially awkward, I may or may not have social disorders and I am very reluctant to come out of my shell around people in general. These factors, among other things, contribute to why I do not make real-life friends as easily.

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Powerful Persistence


I have learned that one needs to persist, persist and persist if results want to be achieved. Being lazy about pursuing a given goal is not how you want to get things done. Ever.



It is definitely a good thing that feeling even a bit selfish “hurts” me. It makes me want to balance out the universe with some unselfish acts on the double.

Your True Self


There are days where I think my “true” self is trapped inside me, unable to be seen by others on the outside. There are definitely moments where I want people to see the real me, my actual capabilities, my best strengths as a person and so forth, but alas circumstances can make this quite the challenge.

If others will not take the time to see the real you, I have realized that one must work even harder at letting your true self reveal itself for the world to see.

I hope someday everyone will truly get what I am all about as an individual.


Solving the Incomplete Puzzle


After college graduation more than a year and a half ago, I thought I had a clear picture in my mind for what I wanted to happen. I had very specific ideals and goals I wanted to achieve, but I ended up not accomplishing much of anything as time went on.

Life’s puzzle for me at this point seemed hopeless and impossible to solve. I felt frustrated and incompetent because I couldn’t get the pieces to fit.

This led to my worst experiences in my life, where nothing but sadness and shame made up my well-being. I had brief moments of joy when I managed to slap a few chunks of the big picture together, but all of the completed areas were not enough to tell me what life wanted me to do. Continue reading

Star Signs


I’ve never been that into Zodiac signs. I don’t do things like check my daily horoscope or anything, but I do find the concept interesting.

For the longest time, I just knew I was a Leo because I was born on July 30. Of course, with this being the cat symbol of the regular 12 Zodiac signs, I just attributed this as a reason for my love of felines.

But then the news stories about people’s Zodiac symbols possibly changing had some people confused. Apparently, I shifted from being a Leo to becoming a Cancer.


After doing a bit of  research, I realize I am definitely more of a Cancer than a Leo in a lot of ways. Continue reading

Crossroads in a Writer’s Life


I’ve found myself sort of perplexed as to which path I want to end up at, as far as being a writer goes. For a long time, I’ve told others that my main writing talents lie in the technical side of things: spelling, grammar, simplicity and whatnot.

However, when I first began writing “The Coug,” I had to switch gears back toward a style I didn’t really delve much into since like fifth grade. Back in the day (and I mean way back then), I really liked daydreaming stories in my mind. There was something about coming up with random tales for the mere sake of it that was very fun and appealing to me. But I would find that coming up with the stories and writing them would be two different ballgames altogether.

Cooking up the tales was the easy part, but to blast out a few hundred words for the story to make sense to others – now that was a challenge even back then. Continue reading