Who likes being “sick,” anyway?

But a good word to describe my current state in life would be “jumbled.” Picture an elaborate puzzle that represents my health, both physically and mentally. Now imagine that puzzle being flipped from the table it is lying on, scattering its pieces everywhere. It becomes a huge mess on the floor, and thus it would be a pretty good reflection of what I currently am, health-wise.

A jumbled mess.

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In dedication to my friend Imori and her cat named Amber, I wrote a haiku.

Amber passed away today. Unfortunately, Amber was a very sick kitty for a long time. Nonetheless, her last days on this earth were spent surrounded by those who loved her very much.

It is sad to see pets come and go, but all the companionship, wonderful memories and happiness they brought to our lives will never be forgotten. Ever.
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NEW: Blog Game Award!

I lately received an award from An Evil Nymph’s Blog and this one is a very unique type of award. It’s a sort of get-to-know-each-other game :) It’s been originally posted by Mrs Hobbles and it just looks so much fun!

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Sunshine Award

Jessica at Grumblings & Gratitude nominated my blog for a Sunshine Award!

Jessica used to be a student manager of mine when I worked at a dining center back in college. (GO COUGS!) >^..^<
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MysteryCoach said I have to play, so I’ll be a good sport. :)

The Rules:

1. Add the logo.
2. Share something about yourself.
3. Go through the alphabet describing yourself.
4. Pass the award to other worthy bloggers.

Hitting the Books

I learn things differently. It took me awhile before I came to grips with this fact, but it is the only logical conclusion as to why I do not understand things like “normal” people.

This can be traced all the way back to as early as elementary school. Now, I wouldn’t call myself “slow” per se, but I’ll throw out there that I would need very specific teaching methods to get the gears in my head working properly.

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