Pet Peeve: Undervaluing Anxiety


Everyone deals with anxiety at some point in their lives, but some people have it a lot worse than others.

I have always been someone stricken with the more extreme kind of anxiety, especially in regards to social situations. I have always been more than just a shy guy in this regard, and it annoys the crap out of me when people tell me that I am making a big deal out of simple scenarios.

For instance, meeting strangers can be difficult for me. I can take awhile to get used to people, which leads to cases where think I am extremely anti-social in this sense.

Nonetheless, I think it is important for people to show tact for those who get a bit more anxious than the average, “normal” person. I have long accepted that I am not like others when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Heck, it is an everyday battle with some sort of anxiety-based struggle. To undervalue anxiety can be borderline insulting.

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Pet Peeve: Not Being Honest about Yourself


Let’s get real here: everyone is different. It is tough enough that the world expects us to behave and act a certain way. If you do not conform, then something is wrong with you. Or so the world wants you to think.

Is there anything inherently wrong with wanting to be a special snowflake? A social outcast, even? Perhaps. Maybe. Or it all could be a matter of perception.

I think things would be a lot better if everyone could at least try to be “themselves” instead of putting up facades. Someone being fake is annoying to me.
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Pet Peeve: Littering



I don’t care who you think you are: no one is too good to throw away their own trash. I do not even count myself as an environmentalist or anything of that sort. I just think litterbugs are extremely lazy people. Continue reading

That’s This and That


Nhan-Fiction Note: I think we live in a day and age where people don’t even know what’s considered appropriate or inappropriate anymore. Terms are just thrown around, and then individuals cherry pick certain meanings when it is convenient for them.

It makes it all too inconsistent. Why does everything have to be so ambiguous? If we want political correctness in society, there needs to be clearer definitions.

Toward the Top Part 6


I am climbing higher and higher toward my goals in “League of Legends,” even if only gradually. Previously on my in-game journey, I had just broken into the Gold tier.

I have now reached Gold II, which is a few steps away from the coveted Platinum rating I want as a bare minimum for this season. If we were to convert the new league system into the Elo-equivalent of the earlier seasons, it would be something like this below …

So each tier bracket has five divisions. Last season, Gold Elo was between 1500-1849. So we divide the difference of 300 (if we round up the 1849 to 1850 for simplicity’s sake) by 5 for each division, meaning each division would be worth about 70 Elo apiece, give or take.

Gold Division V: 1500-1570 Elo
Gold Division IV: 1571-1640 Elo
Gold Division III: 1641-1710 Elo
Gold Division II: 1711-1780 Elo
Gold Division I: 1781-1850(ish) Elo

So being in Gold II, essentially, means I have already surpassed my Elo rating from the previous season. A personal best for sure, but I want to aim even further than this. After all, I have already thrown out there that I strongly believe I play (at least) as a Platinum-caliber player on a good day.
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Rusty Machine Gun


As you’re walking along
Feeling so burdened and lost

The lights of the city
As you’re passing by
Seem like they’re swallowing you up

Our dreams are all broken
Our hopes have all died
And we can’t wait to leave
All these memories behind

We’ll head for a place
We’ve never been to before
Even if people think we’re out of our minds

We’ll take this rusty machine gun
We’ll fire away and we’ll blast right out of here

We’ll take what we’ve got
We’ll rise to the top
And we’ll leave behind our fear

[instrumental break]

We’ll take this rusty machine gun
We’ll fire away and we’ll blast right out of here