There is a key method when you want to win at “League of Legends,” and this is to snowball.

Snowballing refers to building up your character’s in-game strength to the point where you can overwhelm your opponents. In LoL, this method is accomplished through racking up gold and then using this money to purchase power through items.

All of it is rather linear if you think about it.

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Prime Number


English Translation
All these emotions building up inside of me
I couldn’t get over any of them
So I can’t sleep

That pain I felt when it suddenly started to rain disappeared for a moment
I’m trying to understand a little bit of your world

Your reality and what I can see
Even if they’re a little different
I won’t let it end up like that old, beat-up T-shirt, so …

Fly into the world of prime numbers
You won’t get any duplicates when you multiply one
You don’t need to fill the holes in your heart
If you don’t really want to

More than leaving my memory behind in everyone in the world’s hearts
I want to be the sky you see from on top of the roof

The Forbidden One


With the new banlist now in effect since the start of September, deck recipes have shifted here and there to make way for the addition/banning of certain cards. Some deck strategies have fallen out of favor, while other recipes are starting to gain popularity.

Though technically done before in other varieties, I decided to put together my own take on an Exodia strategy. I play random games here and there on Dueling Network for fun. Exodia is a very unique way to win in the children’s card game world. By gathering five specific cards in your hand, you can declare an automatic victory. In a way, Exodia is technically the strongest monster in Yu-Gi-Oh!/Duel Monsters for this very reason.
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So the e-painting above was done by Tania Mae. I am truly grateful for individuals like her who go out of their way to complete projects like this, and out of the kindness of their hearts as well. Honestly, who can say they have had an e-painting done for them before?

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Stat Cat


So I was given my 2011 blog stats, and I gotta say that the numbers are pretty good if you consider some key elements.

These include:

- I did not start blogging at the beginning of 2011. In fact, my first blogs began in May.
- Truthfully, I was on the reluctant side when I began blogging. I needed an outlet for what I was feeling, but I was not completely ready to share said feelings with everyone. This is why I did not openly publicize my blog posts for a long time.
- Content-wise, I did not really get into the groove of things until some big things happened in my life.

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Pham Fact: I Was a Math Whiz


I used to be the Asian stereotype when it came to math. I used to love crunching numbers. A class chart in third grade showed that I was a math whiz – I aced every math quiz that year.

But what happened?

I just stop caring about math at some point. Numbers started to lose their appeal to me when I got to middle school. I lost interest in doing things like using the quadratic formula or trying to figure out an angle for a triangle side.

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