Ping Me

League of Legends” offers a variety of means to communicate with your teammates during an in-game situation. Such a method is pinging. With pings, you can instantly alert your allies of something important.

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Outrageous Aegis

As someone who mains the support role in “League of Legends,” Aegis of the Legion is my absolute favorite, support item in the game to build for my team. To newer players, Aegis may not seem that important, but believe me … THIS ITEM ROCKS!
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The Holy Trinity for Ranged Carries

I mentioned this in an earlier post about items in “League of Legends,” but a game last night made me want to facepalm after I came across a ranged carry on my team who was, to be frank, building stupidly.

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Attitude Adjustment

League of Legends” is a game of attitude. If you have an ideal kind of attitude, a match can go so much smoother. You have the right kind of emotion to fuel your actions as you play. If you have a bad attitude, however, it becomes an entirely different experience. So much so that a particular game earlier today, a ranked one at that, left me feeling like someone’s snooty demeanor was straight-up destructive for team morale.
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LoL: Getting Your Buttons Pushed

League of Legends” is, at times, a very frustrating game. This is especially true when you want to build your Elo up, but the grind can become so painfully annoying.

People want higher Elo as a means of proving to others that, “Yeah, I am good at this game.” I am by no means a perfect or pro player at my current level, but I do consider myself more than competent on a good day. I can throw down with others just fine. I practice a lot to make myself a tad better every day, soaking in information and studying high-level strategies to improve.

I particularly want good Elo because I know my true rating hasn’t even been reached yet. However, to attain this true Elo is a grueling process, constantly mired by one discouraging experience after another.
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Tuning Out

In a world filled with doubters and haters, simply tuning out the negativity makes a big difference.

As someone who knows a thing or two about dwelling on the bad stuff, it took me awhile to realize that it did me no good to let myself be affected adversely. All the hurtful comments and critiques, all the discouraging messages, all the attempts at bringing my self-confidence down and hacking away at my well-being … they do not have to be as painful as one would think.

Humans are subject to experience suffering and unpleasant circumstances throughout their lives at certain points, while some unfortunately come across more problems than others. To become fixated (or obsessed in extreme cases) over the gloomy, woe-is-me scenarios is not an ideal way to live, don’t you think?

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Winter Woes

I really hate the snow. Things were so pleasant this winter because I did not have to deal with the cold, white stuff on a continued basis … but now it’s like Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Did you think I would forget?”

Ugh, now that the snow is here, I am hoping the weather ends up being reasonable. I have to drive up and down a really HUGE HILL to reach my part-time job. I am not looking forward to dealing with this in possible blizzards and while trying to traverse icy roads. >.>

Clashing Dragons Part 3

So we must have this duel again, father. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the last one, either.

For long time, I thought you were moderately content with the progress I’ve made throughout this past year and a half, the personal struggles I had to endure, the days where you thought I was sitting around and “doing nothing” as you ignorantly put it.

Well, now you have gone and done it. You managed to reopen wounds I thought could finally get some time to heal. So you come barging into my room, yelling at me that I should “move on” with my life and get out of this household. You give me this sticky note with a name and organization I have no clue about, and then you expect me to go and apply to this place on the fly with the thought that I can just move out to Portland immediately, especially considering all the effort it took me to get this far in this economy?

Honestly, are you as stupid as I think you are?

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Clashing Dragons Part 2

Why do we have to clash again as dragons?

In the perfect world, whenever you’re sick, the people around you would be aware that you need time to heal. Some illnesses don’t go away overnight, let alone a full year.

Despite how much forward progress I’ve made, it’s disturbing how quickly all my efforts to feel better can be undone so easily. It’s like the psychological wounds I spent so much time wrapping up with bandages have been exposed again to force me to relive through the same anguish I thought was well behind me.

No pain, no gain. I suppose, but is undergoing further suffering completely necessary?

I sure hope not.
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