What a ☆ Part 26


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I stayed here all alone
As time was passing on
A simple, little date
And that is what I’ll say we’re on

The people close to town
The gentle, floating clouds
They share a laugh as I sit
Waiting all day long

A really simple formula
That I don’t understand at all
The ticking of the clock is rushing like my heart is going to stop
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Prime Number


English Translation
All these emotions building up inside of me
I couldn’t get over any of them
So I can’t sleep

That pain I felt when it suddenly started to rain disappeared for a moment
I’m trying to understand a little bit of your world

Your reality and what I can see
Even if they’re a little different
I won’t let it end up like that old, beat-up T-shirt, so …

Fly into the world of prime numbers
You won’t get any duplicates when you multiply one
You don’t need to fill the holes in your heart
If you don’t really want to

More than leaving my memory behind in everyone in the world’s hearts
I want to be the sky you see from on top of the roof