Happy Haiku: Feeling


Happy Haiku: I try to dabble in writing haiku poems in Japanese.

Happy Haiku!


Kono kokoro
Takusan no yume
Ii omoi

English Translation
This heart
Many dreams
Good feeling

- Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

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Random Kanji Knowledge: Sora


Random Kanji Knowledge time!

Today’s kanji is 空, which is read as sora (soh-rah). 空 means “sky/the heavens.”

If you use your imagination, I have always thought of the symbol as funky-looking clouds on top with “earth” for the ground.

The stroke order for 空 is shown below. Continue reading

I Imagine


Nhan-Fiction Note: Majestic Prince has been a so-so anime this season. It is passable for a mech-based series, but I have definitely come across way better stories in the genre.

I think I have been able to tolerate the anime because I just like making “League of Legends” references while watching it (e.g. “Oh my god, their jungler is overextending). Like seriously, the main team in the anime gets dubbed the “Fail Five” at one point. There is also a three-man squad that gets nicknamed the “Trash Three” (like they are a Twisted Treeline team).

English Translation of Lyrics by Languagebymusic.com
I imagine
I imagine

I download my feelings that are in the third row
Also, I want my violent emotions downloaded as well
From a library of infinite abilities
With just my intuition, my item count increases
With an absurd greed, I balance it out
I become as foolish as much as anyone else

I’ll show you
I’ll become someone out of the ordinary
I turn my back to my genetics
Without any locks, I stay in that state
Behind me awaits a virus
All that’s left now is to input something into my back for blood to flow through
I imagine

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Happy Haiku: Shooting Star


Happy Haiku!


Sora kara ochiru

English Translation
Shooting star
Fall from the sky
To grant a wish

- Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

Abide by the Vibe: To Protect


“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”

What do you hold sacred in your life?

Your ambitions? Your dreams? Your sense of dignity?

Whatever it is, protect them with all you got.

“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”

Protect your ideals.

Cherish them.

Respect them.

“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”



Nhan-Fiction Note: Hataraku Maou-sama! is by far one of the most creative anime stories I have ever seen. Like, seriously, who would ever envision a plot where the demon lord from another world ends up on Earth and has to work at a McDonald’s-equivalent job to support himself and his underling?

Not to mention, the heroine of the other world (who was out to kill him) follows the demon lord to Earth and has to work at a call center while scoping out her “mortal enemy.” Of course, they all come across one another real fast, and you can expect lots of wacky and hilarious situations! I highly recommend you check out this anime series!

English Translation
(Get out of your cage)
(Fly toward the sky)

It all starts right here, right now
Let’s picture what we can do
Unbelievable things might happen
But we can overcome them all

(For our dreams)
Our dreams are born from nothing and take us (fly) to that shining sky
(Spread your wings)
I want to spread my wings
Now here I go, with the greatest smile on my face

Let’s set out to an unknown world
(Go to another world)
We’ll be the ones to choose and decide the future

Let’s chase after our dreams
There will be times when we cry, but they will be precious memories
Don’t fade away
I’m sure you’ll be able to meet your future self

(Get out of your cage)
(Fly toward the sky)

Showstopper: Kitchen Nightmares


Nhan-Fiction Note: As described in yesterday’s post, I am attempting to make each day of the week have some kind of “scheduled” post theme to go along with the other random stuff I post. For today, I will be starting the Showstopper series for Wednesday.

I watch all kinds of different shows, so I guess it is good that I talk about some of the things I like. Also, please note that some of the videos shown below do contain swearing. Just for your information.
Gordon Ramsay is my favorite celebrity chef in the world.
 I will always take his word when it comes to the culinary arts.

I also am a huge fan of one of his signature shows called Kitchen Nightmares. I have seen every episode for both the UK and American versions of the TV program. There is something about restaurants that appeal to me. I have always been fascinated by the inner workings of the food service industry, from how the servers take your order to how a restaurant’s kitchen service “line” is set up to create (hopefully) tasty dishes for the customers.

The premise of Kitchen Nightmares, of course, involves Ramsay checking out a failing restaurant to analyze and devise a plan of attack at saving the business.

The show follows a consistent structure in most cases: a restaurant is drowning in debt and is in need of dire help, Ramsay comes into the restaurant and starts to pick apart the restaurant’s shortcomings (bad food, hideous decor, inept management and so forth), Ramsay has to convince the owner(s) of the failing restaurant to change, the relaunch/restaurant renovation occurs next and then everything (presumably) looks like the given restaurant is back on track toward success.
Continue reading

This World Has Been Waiting for Us


Nhan-Fiction Note: Suisei no Gargantia is one of the best anime series this season for me.

English Translation
Fly high, to the far reaches of your dreams
That’s where our future lies
This world has been waiting for us

My true wishes can no longer be contained
We’ll proceed as we please
No place is beyond our reach if you’re with me
We’ll run past it all, for our hearts are free

The power I wish for lies within me
Your smile told me that
Fly high
We’ll approach the light, just you see

The night sky burns with hope
At the far reaches of the dream I once had
We can find our future
This world has been waiting for us



Performed by poisonousparadox.

Looking at the storm above us it doesn’t look like we can get through
It won’t be easy but I’ll make it with you by my side

If we always stay together, the lightning wouldn’t even stop us
Beyond the clouds, another adventure awaits

But you say wow wow wow wow wow
The tears from yesterday will keep us from flying
And I go wow wow wow wow wow
We’ll leave all those memories behind and be free

Let’s fly like butterflies on the wind
Just believe all the dreams in your heart
Meant to be friends from the start
I’ll be with you forever until the very end

Even though these troubles tear at our wings
I know we’ll reach for the sky through the rain
Wait for tomorrow and see
On my love