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Things Fandubbers Do That I Love … (Part 1)

OK, so as of recent, I’ve heard a lot going around the grapevine in regards to ” things I hate when youtaites (utaites), fandubbers, cover artists … blah blah blah. And although I love these things as I chuckle to myself merrily in agreement I can’t help but feel a little cheated.

After all, there are things I really like that fandubbers do. So in the spirit of that, let’s take a quick look at
things fandubbers do that I love. ^^

If you’re feeling in need of a good laugh or just a tad be pessimistic, you should most surely read Devin’s recent blog post – “Things Fandubbers Do That Annoy Me …”

1. Well-written Lyrics
I love it when a song dubber takes the time and effort to make proper sense of lyrics. It fills me with the same giggly joy that can only be substituted for pounds of sweet sugary cake.

There’s something oh so appealing about languages, and translating from one language to the next, while making it flowing, rhythmic and sensical that makes my jaw drop every time and fills me with such awe.

Half the time I care more about the lyrics than the singing. Singing is one thing, anyone can sing and work on their voice with lessons, but being able to re-create lyrics in another language is an incredible feat, which I feel hasn’t been given near enough credit.

You can always tell when a person actually cares about the song they’ve worked on or not. This is because there’s a certain amount of EFFORT you will notice with the songs the fan dubber truly wants to sound good. It may not be professional quality, but you can certainly tell they’ve done their best and didnt fashion the song together with a roll of balled-up duct tape they found underneath their couch cushions.

No indeed not, it’s more like a gentle recreation of that song, and even if the song’s not of professional quality you can tell they took the time and effort to not just finish one up in a single day in-between study sessions. Continue reading


Though it pales in comparison to PUMA POWER, PIG POWER certainly packs a punch in its own ways. Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath is a formidable tank on the battlefield. This bikini-clad Viking lady swings around a flail as her boar named Bristle gores you with a violent stampede. Not only that, Sejuani is cold to the touch with ice magic that leaves enemies frozen solid. All in all, I can easily say that Sejuani is one of the strongest jungler champs in my arsenal. Continue reading