Pet Peeve: Saying a Cougar “Roars”

Cougars don’t roar. They scream, gosh darn it.

The cougar (also known as the mountain lion, catamount and various other names) is my No. 1 favorite cat in the world.

My beloved alma mater, Washington State University, has the cougar as its mascot (GO COUGS!).  If I could have a pet cougar, I would.

It is such a beautiful animal. It is the strongest cat in the world, pound for pound, plus cougars are very fascinating creatures.

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Random Kanji Knowledge: Sotsugyou

Random Kanji Knowledge time! This past weekend, I went down to a wonderful place called Pullman to attend my younger brother’s college graduation at Washington State University, which is my alma mater as well (if it is not obvious already, the cougar is my favorite animal in the world).

It is thus fitting that today’s kanji is 卒業 (sotsugyou — pronounced sow-tsu-gee-yoh), the Japanese word for graduation. 卒 can refer to stuff like “soldier” or “graduate,” whereas the 業 can refer to aspects like “vocation” or “arts.”
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My superhero concept now has a draft design for his logo. Special thanks to Charles Faust for putting in the effort to help me with this stuff. :)

It’s a Zoo Out There

The cougar is my absolute, favorite cat in the world. So, it figures that I would end up going to Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, Wash. :)

Brace yourself for lots of pictures. It was a very fun zoo to visit. I learned a lot of random things about animals.
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Something Super Part 2

Special thanks to Lavender-Ice for this sketch of the Coug. I hope to get this particular project up and running again at some point. >^..^<

NEW: Blog Game Award!

I lately received an award from An Evil Nymph’s Blog and this one is a very unique type of award. It’s a sort of get-to-know-each-other game :) It’s been originally posted by Mrs Hobbles and it just looks so much fun!

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Nidalee has always been my favorite champion in “League of Legends” since I began playing the game two years ago. She was the first champion I saved up my first batch of Influence Points to unlock. I was very excited to play Nidalee because her signature ability involves transforming into a cougar, which is my favorite kind of cat in the world. Two words: PUMA POWER!

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So below is a quick haiku I wrote about my favorite cat in the world: the cougar. This haiku follows the traditional 5-7-5 syllable format. Perhaps I am a poet and didn’t even know it. Or not. >^..^<
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Happy 122nd, WSU!

So my beloved alma mater just turned 122 today! Washington State University means the world to me. Being a Coug is why I push myself every day to keep up the good fight. GO COUGS! 

College Newsroom Nostalgia

So my alma mater, Washington State University, is having its annual elections for the school’s student government. By default, I am going to be rooting for the above candidates to win because Kyle Erdman is a fellow alumnus from my old high school, John R. Rogers. (Go Pirates!)

So this particular event holds a lot of memories for me from back when I was a copy chief at my university’s paper, The Daily Evergreen. The copy chief is responsible for wading through every student-written article that will run in the next day’s paper. I had to edit articles for spelling, grammar, journalism style and whatnot.

Needless to say, it is a very important role and an essential part in making sure a given paper was at least somewhat legible when you picked up a physical copy from a newspaper rack in the morning. However, it was also extremely frustrating and difficult at times because some writing pieces made me think, “Did someone from college actually type this?”

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Heroes & Villains

There are days where I wonder why certain “bad thoughts” still race through my mind, causing me to think about how good or bad I really am as a person. I like to think that I am a kindhearted soul who wants to help others, but there are definitely moments where this kind of mentality is not as prevalent as others. Some pretty wicked thoughts occupy my mind at times, and it certainly scares me.

I do not want to be an angry, malicious individual toward others, and yet I can find myself contemplating some nasty, sadistic actions. I guess this is where having a good conscience comes into play.

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Clashing Dragons Part 3

So we must have this duel again, father. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the last one, either.

For long time, I thought you were moderately content with the progress I’ve made throughout this past year and a half, the personal struggles I had to endure, the days where you thought I was sitting around and “doing nothing” as you ignorantly put it.

Well, now you have gone and done it. You managed to reopen wounds I thought could finally get some time to heal. So you come barging into my room, yelling at me that I should “move on” with my life and get out of this household. You give me this sticky note with a name and organization I have no clue about, and then you expect me to go and apply to this place on the fly with the thought that I can just move out to Portland immediately, especially considering all the effort it took me to get this far in this economy?

Honestly, are you as stupid as I think you are?

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Cry Wulff

Paul Wulff has been officially fired as head coach of the Washington State University football team. (Special thanks to Jessica Cope for the link.)

It was expected that Wulff would not continue as head coach based on the football program’s performance. There were some genuine bright spots in these past years, but all the positive aspects were easily outweighed by the multiple blunders and embarrassing defeats.

It was time for Wulff to go. Good luck, Wulff. You will always be a Coug.