Celestial Child


Nhan-Fiction Note: I wrote this in terms of opinions of how this character plays on Summoner’s Rift.

Still Shining
Soraka, the Starchild, is my No.1 support to play in “League of Legends.” Simply put, Soraka is the epitome of the support role. She was one of the first original characters when LoL began. You cannot get any more basic than Soraka when it comes to aiding your allies in any given LoL match.

She has always been one of my go-to characters in my Fantastic 15 pool, plus I love helping out my teammates attain victory.

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In Your Satin Tights


Nhan-Fiction Note: Wonder Woman is one of my favorite, female superheroes.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman
All the world’s waiting for you,
and the power you possess

In your satin tights,
Fighting for your rights
And the old Red, White and Blue

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman
Now the world is ready for you,
and the wonders you can do

Make a hawk a dove,
Stop a war with love,
Make a liar tell the truth

Wonder Woman,
Get us out from under, Wonder Woman
All our hopes are pinned on you
And the magic that you do

Stop a bullet cold,
Make the Axis fall,
Change their minds, and change the world

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman
You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman

Toward the Top Part 6


I am climbing higher and higher toward my goals in “League of Legends,” even if only gradually. Previously on my in-game journey, I had just broken into the Gold tier.

I have now reached Gold II, which is a few steps away from the coveted Platinum rating I want as a bare minimum for this season. If we were to convert the new league system into the Elo-equivalent of the earlier seasons, it would be something like this below …

So each tier bracket has five divisions. Last season, Gold Elo was between 1500-1849. So we divide the difference of 300 (if we round up the 1849 to 1850 for simplicity’s sake) by 5 for each division, meaning each division would be worth about 70 Elo apiece, give or take.

Gold Division V: 1500-1570 Elo
Gold Division IV: 1571-1640 Elo
Gold Division III: 1641-1710 Elo
Gold Division II: 1711-1780 Elo
Gold Division I: 1781-1850(ish) Elo

So being in Gold II, essentially, means I have already surpassed my Elo rating from the previous season. A personal best for sure, but I want to aim even further than this. After all, I have already thrown out there that I strongly believe I play (at least) as a Platinum-caliber player on a good day.
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Purr-fect Part 9


This Kiya project is really, really coming along now. A very special thank you to The Cannie for putting together this comic so quickly, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to like her artwork’s Facebook page.  I have to say that this comic came out really cute. Just purr-fect. >^..^<

Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands, is a super, elaborate champion concept for “League of Legends.” Please show your support by spreading the concept around, fellow LoL players.

I still want to add even further things to take this idea to the next level.

Purr-fect Part 4


This is a particularly wonderful piece of art, which was drawn by k1lleet, for my League of Legends” custom champion – Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands. Comic book-caliber work and absolutely stunning.

I will continue to add elements toward this design until I have proven to myself that I can raise the bar, as far as custom champions go. I am truly grateful to find such talented artists who are so kind to help me. I am extremely blessed and grateful. :)

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Bubbly Part 10


Special thanks to Captain Penguin for putting together this video for Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid!

Again, please show your support for Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid on her LoL Wiki page! She is very bubbly!

Bubbly Part 9


More art for Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid! I owe a lot of thanks to Misfitts for taking the time to put these two drawings together out of the blue. She is very talented. :)

Please show your support for Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid on her LoL Wiki page! Bubbly!
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LoL Philosophy No. 1


I have many personal philosophies I follow when I play “League of Legends.” Some of my beliefs are more or less the same as conventional wisdom among the LoL community, whereas some ideas are just what I live by in any given match. After all, we all follow different principles when we play League. It’s a matter of individual style at the end of the day.

These LoL Philosophy concepts are things I would teach to a newer player who is just getting into LoL/Defense of the Ancients. I remember when I started Dota a long time ago and how much of a newb I felt because I didn’t really have many people to show me the ropes. It just takes some coaching to get people up to speed so they can improve. Every time I play LoL, I seem to learn something new all the time.
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Play Nice


Special thanks to Lelly. She always finds cool stuff. Click the pic to check out her LoL blog. :)

I rather be friendly than rude when I play “League of Legends.” It is in my nature to be a nice guy. However, we are talking about the internet here. Online, the anonymous aspect can draw out a person’s inner jerk because they can shield themselves behind the guise of a username. LoL, unfortunately, has a lot of punks in this regard. There are so many disrespectful and immature people, which makes it rare to come across a game where everyone is genuinely friendly toward one another.

Like, realistically, I think it is unreasonable to expect games brimming with sunshine and happy thoughts, where everyone has sportsmanship manners and whatnot. Instead, I just kind of wish more people would downplay the negative attitudes and cut back on the pouty and hostile behaviors.
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Fight as Five


If you ever play a game of “League of Legends” with me, a prominent thing I end up saying a lot during a match is, “Fight as five.” It means exactly as it sounds – it is time for the team to group up and fight with all five members.
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The Jungle Jam


When things go wrong in “League of Legends,” it is safe to say that 9/10 times the jungler for a respective team is the first one getting blamed. It is how the blame hierarchy works in LoL. People always have their index fingers on standby when the crap is about to hit the fan. As someone whose second best role is jungling, I expect this kind of stuff whenever I make my first steps into the jungle for a match.

Below are five random things that grind my gears when I jungle, in no order of importance. Some are pet peeves, while some things are just misconceptions in my book.
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