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Nhan-Fiction Note: If you’re playing a children’s card game WITHOUT this much enthusiasm, you’re doing it wrong.

Video Translation: “I release Hope Ray and Damage Mage for an Advance Summon! When Photon Kaiser is used as Xyz Material, he counts as two! I overlay the Level 8 Galaxy-Eyes (Photon Dragon) and the two-part Photon Kaiser!

With these three monsters, I build the Overlay Network! Xyz Summon!

Overflowing galaxy, become the striking light and show yourself! Descend! My very soul! Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!”

Dat Summoning Chant:「逆巻く銀河よ、今こそ、怒涛の光となりて姿を現すがいい!降臨せよ、我が魂!超銀河眼の光子龍 (ネオ・ギャラクシーアイズ・フォトン・ドラゴン)!」

C. Dragon Punch

I like to play a children’s card game on the side when I just want to kill some time. It gets the gears in my head spinning as I try to take my mind off the things that are bothering/distracting me.

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