Fight as Five

If you ever play a game of “League of Legends” with me, a prominent thing I end up saying a lot during a match is, “Fight as five.” It means exactly as it sounds – it is time for the team to group up and fight with all five members.
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Five Random Reasons Why I’m Not Religious

To follow up on why I am not a religious person, I will give five random reasons as to why I do not follow a particular faith.

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Pham Fact: I’m Not Religious

DISCLAIMER: Video contains profanity.
Simply put, I basically agree with most if not all of the things that this guy argues in this video. I am not a religious person, but I am content with this fact.

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Earning Stripes

A long time ago back in Japanese class during college, we had an assignment where we had to make up our own haiku and then present our 5-7-5 syllable Japanese poems to everyone else. We also had to explain the significance of our poems.

I recall this time period back in the day because my Japanese sensei wrote a haiku about her pregnancy, and me (having a brain fart at the worst possible times) totally forgot that ‘stomach’ in Japanese was お腹 (onaka). So yeah,  it was quite embarrassing when I had to be the one to put a dent in her special haiku announcement to the class that she was having a baby. >.>
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Heroes & Villains

There are days where I wonder why certain “bad thoughts” still race through my mind, causing me to think about how good or bad I really am as a person. I like to think that I am a kindhearted soul who wants to help others, but there are definitely moments where this kind of mentality is not as prevalent as others. Some pretty wicked thoughts occupy my mind at times, and it certainly scares me.

I do not want to be an angry, malicious individual toward others, and yet I can find myself contemplating some nasty, sadistic actions. I guess this is where having a good conscience comes into play.

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