☆☆☆ Imoristar ☆☆☆

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- (Inu x Boku) Nirvana
- (YGO 5D’s) Clear Mind

Voice Acting
- (JoyDreamer’s Drama) Master of Midnight (Shizuka Voice Acting)
- (Elle x Alice) Yandere CD Track (Voice Acting with Devin)
- (Nhan) Voice Acting for Maki (League of Legends)

- (Youtaite Project) Audition Tryout Sample

- Art for Aerify
- Art for Archangel

Personal Projects
Art: Finished
Mixer: Still figuring things out
Animator: Utsu

- Deep Sea Girl
Lyrics: In progress (Imori)
Art: In progress (Eien)
Mixer: Chosen (Imori)

- Bad Apple (Archangel x Imori)
Art: In progress (Koneko)
Mixer: Chosen (Yukai)
Animator: Chosen (Devin)

- Kagamine Revolution (Eien x Imori)
Lyrics: 80 percent complete (Imori)
Mixer: Chosen (Imori)
Art: Chosen (Eien)
Encoder: Chosen (Imori)

- Ai Dee (Devin x Imori)
Lyrics: Complete (Rachie)
Art: I’m not sure if we’re doing art
Mixer: Not sure
Animator: Not sure

- Kokoro x Kiseki (Curran x Imori)
Lyrics: 90 percent complete (Imori x Razzy)
Art: Existing PV
Mixer: Chosen (Imori)

- Super Special Surprise Song (Aerify x Imori)
Lyrics: Not chosen
Scripting: In progress
Art: Chosen (Imori)
Color Artist: Still deciding
Mixer: Chosen (Imori)
Animator: Still deciding

- JBF Chorus 
Lyrics: Complete (Rockleetist)
Scripting: Complete (Devin x Imori)
Mix: Complete (Imori)
Animation: In progress (Devin)

- Smile Again (Seizu x Imori)
Artist: Chosen (Ennalissia)
Script: Complete (Imori)
Mixer: Chosen (Imori)
Animator: Still deciding

Nhan-Fiction/Imoristar Projects
Kiya, The Feline of Fervor
切望のフリージア (English Fandub)
Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Demo)
Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Full Version)
Yakusoku no Melody
Wild Child
Slam Dunk (Opening 1)
Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid (Demo)
Cerule’s Original Song
Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid (Full Voice Set)
Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands (Full Voice Set)

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