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Random Kanji Knowledge: Ryouri

Cooking has become one of my go-to hobbies I do when I need to let some stress out. It’s very relaxing for me to take out my frustrations by channeling it into a dish I am preparing. I don’t claim to be a cooking prodigy by any means. Truth be told, just last year I had to be taught how to cut properly with a knife and whatnot. I am basically a noobie home cook at best.

Still, I find cooking to be a very enjoyable activity these days. Whenever I get the chance, I want to bust out the pots and pans to whip up something for my own amusement.

Today’s random kanji is ryouri (料理), the Japanese word for cooking.
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LoL Philosophy No. 1

I have many personal philosophies I follow when I play “League of Legends.” Some of my beliefs are more or less the same as conventional wisdom among the LoL community, whereas some ideas are just what I live by in any given match. After all, we all follow different principles when we play League. It’s a matter of individual style at the end of the day.

These LoL Philosophy concepts are things I would teach to a newer player who is just getting into LoL/Defense of the Ancients. I remember when I started Dota a long time ago and how much of a newb I felt because I didn’t really have many people to show me the ropes. It just takes some coaching to get people up to speed so they can improve. Every time I play LoL, I seem to learn something new all the time.
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Anime Recommendation: Tari Tari

Sometimes, it is the random discoveries in life that often end up being the most enjoyable. Tari Tari this anime season happened to be one of these out-of-nowhere-but-I-absolutely-ended-up-loving-it kind of shows for me. It is literally an anime series about a group of high school students who are brought together by music. Surprisingly, it ended up being of my favorite series to watch in the past few months.
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Kitchen Courage Part 6

With kitchen courage, you find out a lot about yourself when it comes to cooking/baking.

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The Forbidden One

With the new banlist now in effect since the start of September, deck recipes have shifted here and there to make way for the addition/banning of certain cards. Some deck strategies have fallen out of favor, while other recipes are starting to gain popularity.

Though technically done before in other varieties, I decided to put together my own take on an Exodia strategy. I play random games here and there on Dueling Network for fun. Exodia is a very unique way to win in the children’s card game world. By gathering five specific cards in your hand, you can declare an automatic victory. In a way, Exodia is technically the strongest monster in Yu-Gi-Oh!/Duel Monsters for this very reason.
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Kitchen Courage Part 5

It was just one of those days where I felt like cooking away some of my woes away. Cooking is a great way of distracting yourself from something on your mind.

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Kitchen Courage Part 4

Do you want to curry someone’s favor? Well, a homemade batch of curry can do the trick!

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Kitchen Courage Part 3

Cooking in where I can find some solace, a sense of newfound purpose in life that makes me want to become a better person. I am starting to realize I am more than capable of being a good cook. The inherent fear that held me back for so long has since subsided in exchange for optimism and a sense of confidence toward pushing my culinary capabilities. Continue reading

Kitchen Courage Part 2

At times, the best way to get better at a given activity is just to keep doing it until you work out the kinks and eventually improve. For a long while, I have wanted to learn how to cook/bake random things. I am interested in cooking/baking as a hobby of sorts, but part of me also respects those who know how to make yummy food.

So I was having an iffy day, which prompted me to seek something to cook or bake to distract myself from the crummy feelings. I opted to bake a cake.
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Kitchen Courage

I have always respected the art of cooking. Everyone loves to eat, plus we all like to nom on things that taste nice. I love stuff from the Food Network. I mean … I love watching random things about cooking/restaurants. One could even call it an obsession of sorts.

So it is quite odd how I never really tried to practice cooking, despite all the years of gawking at the fancy dishes I come across on TV/YouTube. I have actually looked into recipes just for the sake of studying them. However, I would never lift up a spatula or bust out the measuring cups … until now.

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Restaurant Menu Mastery Part 5

My very first job as a college graduate was working as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant called Gordy’s Sichuan Cafe. I only worked Friday nights for a month or so before I even had more than two shifts a week to my name. It took me more than a year and a half to get this job after a very awkward phase in my life, but I am truly thankful destiny dealt this card to me. Last Friday was my last day at the restaurant after working there for about 10 months.

As I finish writing this, I will already be trying to adapt to new surroundings on the other side of the state. But with this post, I have to say, “Thank you for everything,” to everyone I met and worked with at Gordy’s.

Dat restaurant entrance.

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Restaurant Menu Mastery Part 4

On the heels of the place I work at being voted the No. 1 Asian restaurant in town, the business has been getting a lot of extra customers on top of the regular crowd. Last night, one of the cooks had to leave early due to a family emergency, which shifted the kitchen dynamic and put me in a position to be the only individual who could run the tickets for the upcoming dinner service.

We did probably 200+ covers that night, and this was the most orders I ever had to deal with by myself. I normally would run tickets for less than 100 orders, give or take a dozen or so. In short, I got dragged through the ringer countless times during the night. It was a very stressful, nerve-wracking kind of evening.

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Restaurant Menu Mastery Part 3

I am still learning the cold station at the Chinese restaurant I work at as a part-time job. There are many things to keep in mind.

My experience during a busy dinner service while setting up the plates with some random examples:

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Restaurant Menu Mastery Part 2

During my transition into a prep cook at the restaurant I work at for my a part-time job, I am taking my lumps to soak in all the new stuff. There are many small details I need to pick up, all kinds of minor things to recall and lots of practice needed before I can feel comfortable with what I am doing.

On the plus side, my knife skills have improved a lot than compared to when I started a few months ago. I am getting better at cutting things, though I could definitely tighten up my precision and a slight speed boost in slicing and dicing would be nice.

Overall, I am happy that I am getting these opportunities to learn. I have so much respect for the restaurant industry, so I just love that I can get some first-hand experience as a huge fan of restaurants.