A Very Darling Duelist


Fiora is my favorite champion in all of “League of Legends.” Lately, I have been thinking I need to showcase my love for this champion.

I will start by using more Fiora-related images for my avatars and whatnot, starting with this awesome chibi drawn by Hyldenia.

Fiora by Hyldenia

Isn’t it just darling? The drawing is so darn cute! :)

But seriously, please check out Hyldenia’s page. It’s awesome.


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Late-season Terrors in Ranked


The end of the third season for “League of Legends” is about two weeks away. Of course, this means the ranked ladder at this point is going to be overrun with a lot more players than usual.

Unfortunately, this also entails dealing with the “riff-raff” of the community as everyone is trying to make the last-second push toward their rank goals. It is incredibly mean to call these individuals the “riff-raff,” but believe me – they will put a damper on your progress.

Regardless of the division you are aiming for (Gold, Platinum and so forth), the LoL community’s worst offenders are running rampant in ranked at the moment.

Below are five random examples of the players who have been causing me so many problems in ranked. In no particular order of significance. Continue reading

Pet Peeve: Incorrect, “English Class” Interpretations


True story: a long time ago, I actually considered being an English teacher. Like, I really put a lot of thought into it.

However, I was more interested in teaching English grammar and writing, as opposed to lecturing about literature. I do in fact like reading, but only with niche things (comic books, manga and all that jazz.)

I gave up on the notion of being an English teacher because I deemed myself too shy to stand in front of students all day to teach them about stuff, but that is beside the point.

I bring up “English class” interpretations because, quite frankly, there is no other way to describe what some people do to “sound smart.” It’s annoying to come across something that is written in such a manner that misses the mark.

Don’t get me wrong: I do in fact like hearing the opinions of others, even if it’s strictly out of curiosity. I have a lot of varied views on multiple topics. Of course, I believe context is always important.

Case in point: “Kill la Kill” is an extreme anime title for this fall season. I say extreme because it is an over-the-top, probably offensive, yet stylish show.

I came across a random post on Tumblr the other day that has this to say about the anime. Continue reading

Card Me: Ranger’s Guile


Ranger's Guile

Ranger’s Guile in Magic: The Gathering is hands down my favorite Instant spell in the game. It falls in the line of “ghetto green” cards I like to use, and being a common card makes it easy to find.


Card Name: Ranger’s Guile
Mana Cost: Green
Converted Mana Cost: 1
Types: Instant
Card Text: Target creature you control gets +1/+1 and gains hexproof until end of turn. (It can’t be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)
Flavor Text: “You don’t survive in the wild by standing in plain sight.”—Garruk Wildspeaker
Expansion: Magic 2014 Core Set (Common) Magic 2014 Core Set
Rarity: Common
All Sets: Innistrad (Common)Magic 2014 Core Set (Common)
So one Green mana is all it takes for the magic to happen. At Instant speed, I can use it on either turn during a regular match. Ranger’s Guile grants a creature of mine a subtle +1/1 boost and the handy-dandy hexproof for the rest of the turn.
I am genuinely surprised this card is not used that much for any deck that has green.

I actually run a full set of Ranger’s Guile in my Mono Green deck in the mainboard. People are shocked that I run four copies of a dinky common in my deck, but this means I often see Ranger’s Guile throughout my games for the element of surprise.
Continue reading

Hey There, Sailor Scout


Technically speaking, my very first shoujo anime was “Sailor Moon.”

Granted, it was probably everyone’s first shoujo anime series back in the day (it came out in the states when I was around the second or third grade). I remember watching the show randomly in the morning before school.

I guess you could have called it a guilty pleasure of sorts before I even knew what that was. It was “different” in the sense that it was definitely geared for girls, and it was one of those anime things. Oh gosh, remember when anime used to be super niche? As in, no one but only a very select group of the population knew of its existence?

As a boy, it entailed me liking cartoons with giant robots, cool weapons and fancy explosions. Conversely, “Sailor Moon” had a bunch of female characters who fight evil by transforming into pretty warriors donning sailor uniforms. In particular, romantic love is often a main catalyst for the plots throughout the show.

Nonetheless, “Sailor Moon” was awesome to me, as girly as it was.

Heck, even the original opening in Japanese is super catchy.

Continue reading

My Top 10 Anime Buzzwords


After watching a lot of anime over the years, it gets to the point where one can start to pick up on what I call “anime buzzwords.”

Basically, these are words you are going to hear throughout various anime shows, regardless of the genre or intended audience.

Now, of course, please keep in mind this is just my personal list that is in no particular order of significance.
1. 許せない (yuresenai) /// Unforgivable/I cannot forgive you!
As a friend points out to me, 許せない is probably one of the closest equivalents to a “f**k you” in Japanese when you are mad at someone. But of course, Japanese as a language doesn’t really have many “swear words” per se, but shouting out an “unforgivable” proves to be potent enough.

Did someone do something really mean and despicable to you? 許せない!

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The Play-setter and Playmaker


In “League of Legends,” I am a firm believer in two types of specific players you want to have as teammates: the play-setter and playmaker.

The play-setter is basically someone who complements good plays. They are the ones who create situations where someone else on your team can take advantage of for a bigger result. A play-setter, to me, is often a support-focused player, but the play-setter can be found in any role.

For instance, it could be the Janna who uses her Eye of the Storm on her ally to give them enough of a damage boost to secure a kill.

Basically, play-setters make their teammates look better in-game. They often are not found in the limelight because the ones getting all the glory draw the attention.

On the other hand, the playmaker is obviously someone who can pull off the fancy, highlight reel-worthy kind of actions. These are the types of players who leave you in awe when they do something cool and interesting.

More often than not, these types of players can carry games on their shoulders when given the right supporting cast. Playmakers can be found in any role, but the roles with the largest impact are where they can thrive in the most.

The important aspect between these two player types? Well, for one thing, both are not mutually exclusive to each other. Continue reading

Pet Peeve: Improperly Grouping Asians Together


I am an Asian American.

I always filled out the “Asian/Pacific Islander” bubble on standardized tests.

I was an all-star at math up to the fourth grade (a chart in third grade full of stars across the board said so).

I ate rice every day growing up.

My eyes are slanted enough that balloon string can blindfold me (literally).

If you call me Asian, it is correct. And if you want to be more exact, I am a Vietnamese American.  Continue reading

Champion Guide: Fiora, the Grand Duelist


As Someone Who Loves the French Accent
“En garde!”

Hello there.

My IGN for the North American server is Nhan Fiction, and my favorite champion in “League of Legends” is Fiora, the Grand Duelist.

I decided to write a CASUAL guide for the champion I love the most in LoL. This is a casual guide in the sense that it is geared for “fun” and not intended for “serious” play by any means. This guide is merely a representation of how I play Fiora right down to every detail.

At no point do I claim this guide to be the best or optimal way of playing this champion. These are just strategies I like to do for Fiora that work for me, and they are tactics I find enjoyable for my own amusement.

Finally, credit to all the artists for their respective artwork on this page. I have tried to source all the ones I could find.  Continue reading

My Five “Bad Luck” Champs


league-of-legends-fan-art:Another piece of amazing artwork!Credits go to MonoriRogue

I have played a lot of “League of Legends.” And throughout my various games, I have come across many champions who I absolutely hate having on my team or going against for a multitude of reasons.

In particular, I have a set of champions who I set aside as my “bad luck” ones. They receive this distinction for me because they always happen to invoke unhealthy rage out of me, more often than not.

These “bad luck” champs often create these circumstances for me:

  • These champions, whether they are on my team or on the opposing side, often cause me to stare at the “Defeat” screen in the end.
  • When these champions are on my team, the allies I often get playing them usually suck with them, as in they play so poorly with them that these characters look weak as heck.
  • Conversely, when these champions are on the other side, my enemies tend to play these champs ridiculously well and thus beat the crap out of allies and myself (basically, I fear for my chances of winning whenever these champions are my opponents).

This is all probably just superstition. However, I am a superstitious guy to begin with and losing against these champions so many times just keeps reinforcing the “bad luck” idea for me.

So without further ado, below is a list of the five champions who I consider “bad luck” in my book. If you ever decide to play a game with/against me, please take note of these five specific characters. The list below is in no particular order of significance, and I just decided to select one champion for each given role in the game. I also have even more “bad luck” champs than the ones mentioned in the list.
Continue reading

Pet Peeve: Fair Weather Fans


Football season is starting to pick up steam for both college and the National Football League in America.

American football is the main sport I like to keep up with during the year. I love the strategic elements of the game, and the two main teams I keep up with are the Washington State University Cougars (WSU is my alma mater) and the Cincinnati Bengals

And you know what? At times, I will admit it is tricky to say that I am a fan of both these teams, but I stick by them no matter what. Both teams have had their share of “down years” and outright horrible seasons, but regardless I will root for them through thick and thin.

Though to be fair, this year is looking like things are heading in very positive directions for both teams, respectively. My WSU Cougs at least look like they can hang with tougher opponents (heaven forbid I somehow jinx the Cougs’ game today against USC). The Bengals have been consistently picked in the off-season as Super Bowl contenders with a ton of upside.

I like to think of this as years of patience as a fan, biding my time as I twiddled my thumbs for the season where I can say, “Yeah, my team(s) will not suck this season!” Continue reading

Abide by the Vibe: Holy Influence


“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”

Lately, my personal vibe has made me rethink different avenues. A particular element in my life that I have set aside for many years beforehand involved the notion of “God.”

I once considered myself very opposed to the idea of religion. I adamantly believed that a modern world could not only function, but thrive without the presence of gods/goddesses. What was the point of it all? Old civilizations used religion to explain the unknown. It was a means to rationalize everything before science and technology could provide the answers. Or so I thought.

As I write this, I find myself further convinced that I do in fact need “God” to move forward with the enigma that is my life. Perhaps everything up to this point in the past few years, in some shape or form, has been part of His divine plan for me.

I have been bewildered, frustrated and everything else you would not want to experience on the negative side of the emotional spectrum. However, no matter how rough things have become, a sense of undeniable “hope” has always lingered inside me.

Continue reading