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Video Games That Make Us Angry!

Hi everyone, I’m of course Carlos from The Carlos Show and it’s pretty cool to do a guest blog for someone else! Even though my site isn’t video game based, I’ve been known to be a huge nerd when it comes to video games and I thought I’d share MY top 3 list on the video games that make us want to punch a wall!

1. Pac-Man. The concept of Pac-Man is simple enough. You control a yellow pizza pie with a missing slice (yes, that’s what inspired the creators to make him! Although, he was called “Puckman”) and you have to eat all the dots while trying to avoid those terrifying ghosts. But, just as you are about to finish the level, you get cornered by those damn ghosts and have no way of escaping. You continue to try thinking you’ll beat it eventually but you end up throwing the controller against the wall. However, Pac-Man is hard to stay mad at, so as long as he exists we will continue to feed him all the food he can handle.

2. Pokémon. For those of you Pokémon fans, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not necessarily that the game itself is hard – it’s the cheap factor that comes into play. You can destroy the so-called bosses with ease, but there’s always one douchebag who uses a Pokémon that literally cheats. They put you to sleep, paralyze you … confuse you. They do it until you have no health left. The thing that makes me want to punch a wall is facing a Metapod. It takes you three hours to finally get a Metapod to low health and when you have one hit left, he decides to use max health potion. Screw you, Metapod!

3. Zelda. I’m a huge fan of the Zelda games, but I’ve always hated how you can’t miss a beat in Zelda. You can’t blink because if you do, chances are you’re gonna miss something important. One mission in Zelda leads to eight side missions that you have to complete in order to beat the first mission. WHAT?! That’s insane! “wanna go through this door? All you have to do is chase a dog on the other side of the world that swallowed the key, and somehow get it out of the dog. Oh, I forgot to mention the key is in four pieces, and the dog only has one piece so travel to the four corners of the earth and find the rest” SCREW YOU, STUPID MISSIONS!

If you guys have played a game that made you angry, comment on this blog and tell me why! See you on my website or Twitter!