Devinly Promotion!


Hello, everyone! Devin here! :D 
I would just like to share a really special audition I done recently. This role is really important to me, and it would really would mean the world to me if you could watch my video and possibly leave a comment! If you enjoyed it, maybe even leave a like! :D 

If for any reason you didn’t enjoy my video, please just leave me a message telling me what I should improve on, since dislikes don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong. Haha. Thank you so much, and I really appreciate all the support I’ve had so far on this. It really means so much to me. <3 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and support me. <3


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Becoming “Popular”


Mwah! <3

Hello, guys! Devin is back again and today I will be focusing a little more on the positive side, at least with this post I will. Haha. 
OK, so what exactly is “popular?”

Well, that is tricky to answer because the meaning of the word could vary between people. Some people see celebrities and movie stars as the only form of “popularity,” while others see having a lot of wonderful friends as all the “popularity” that they could ever wish for.

Then you have that awkward in-between where you’re not really sure what it really is suppose to mean at all, and this is what is sad because this is where people end up losing themselves trying to be something they aren’t,  trying to please everyone but, in reality, not pleasing anyone at all.

Now, this post will be aimed more at the YouTube community, but you can literally take everything I’m about to say and just apply it to real life! (For the most part). So I hope you will continue reading and maybe this will inspire someone to do something wonderful. Haha!  Continue reading

Karakuri Burst~ Devin & Fluxx


Hello. Just thought I would share this here.  ^^ I’m really happy with how it came out, and I hope other people enjoy it as much I did recording and animating it. ^^ If you have time, drop by Fluxx’s channel and give him a sub. He is new and totally deserves the support!


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How I Feel When Random People Ask Me to Sing with Them …


On the outside … 

Whaaaaa, you want me to sing with you? OHMAIGOSH. Thank you so much!!!  >////<

On the inside …

OMG! DO YOU REALLY LOVE ME??? <3333 Teeheehee!


Shameless Vocappend Promotions


Hello, everyone! A lot’s been going on lately, so I would just like to share a few recent Vocappend Videos with everyone. ^^ Nipah!~
Please show your support! :D

Vocappend Strobe Nights Chorus

Matryoshka Duet (Devin & Rollie)
By Vocappend’s Miku & Gumi! 

Wave~ Salina Solo 
Our very own Lily.

Friends Opening Solo by Kitty Em~ 
Not on the Vocappend Channel, but she’s still part of the chorus as Haku and I just loved this video. ^.^ 

Thanks for watching! Nipah! 

Something about YouTube Choruses That Annoy Me …


Hello, guys!

Devin’s back again with her negativity that you all love … or don’t love, but you are here reading it, aren’t you?

So you’re here for some reason. So yesterday, I talked about things fandubbers do that annoy me, which I think it turned out well, No one has threatened me with pitch forks yet, haha.

Today, I will be talking about something that really bugs me about general choruses on YouTube, again in the Vocaloid community. I”m mainly gonna be focusing on English and Japanese choruses, and most likely offending some weeboos, so if you are a weeboo or are offended easily by text on the internet, then kindly close the page.

If not, then carry on reading and remember that my opinion does not reflect how the rest of the blog thinks. Thank You!

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Things Fandubbers Do That Annoy Me … (Part 1)


OK, so … I’m guessing everyone knows what a fandubber is. They are people who sing covers of songs. Yadda yadda yadda. But in this post, I’m gonna be focusing more on the Vocaloid dub community, and my little pet peeves of what I have seen in the past two years of my singing experiences on YouTube.

Hopefully, I have my share of people who agree with me. Keep in mind that what I’m about to say does not reflect on the rest of this blog, and if you want to hate someone for it, let it be me.  Haha, OK, here we go! Nipah!

1.) When people DO NOT credit the person who wrote the English lyrics they are using! 
This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but it really is to me. It’s actually one of my most hated things to see on YouTube.
The people who write English translations for Vocaloid songs work really hard to come up with creative lines that not only flow with the song, but fit the syllable count as well. The least they deserve is for you to credit them in the description of your video.

Really? It takes like 10 seconds to type down the lyrics belong to “this person.” It doesn’t matter if everyone in the world knows Razzy wrote the lyrics you’re using for Magnet … put his name down there anyways, people! I personally have spent hours on one song making the lyrics perfect, so please keep that in mind when using lyrics written by someone else. c: Continue reading

Not so Devinly Sleeping Problems… STORY TIME!!!


Nipah, everyone! So I”ll get straight to the point – I am a night owl, meaning I stay up all night long and sleep all day. Don”t get me wrong – I love being up at night. I feel like I”m more productive. I have no idea why, but I just am. But the problem is I don’t get to see as much of my friends and family because of this. So I’ve decided to try to fix my sleeping pattern to where I can wake up at a decent time in the morning. Well, it just isn’t that simple for me … 

The last two days I have stayed awake from 6 p.m. till 1 p.m. the next day. Then I sleep for fives hours and repeat,  so in total I’ve had 10 hours of sleep the last two days. Well, a thing most people do not know about me is that I tend to hallucinate when I’m really sleepy, so this is where this story gets interesting …

I’m soooo sleepy …

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Fellow Dubbers…


Don”t you hate that feeling of having to choose between so many amazing songs to work on, but don’t know which one to start on first? 
Yeah, that’s the story of my life…

Why must deciding one what song I want to work on next so hard…. 









Curse you, fabulous Vocaloid songs. I love you all too much! T_T

Would anyone happen to have any suggestions for me? Just wondering. Nipah! 


Devinly Art – Contest Time!


Hello, everyone! ^^ I’m back, and this time I drew a chibi for Nhan’s “LoL” character: Kiya! ~ I think it turned out really cute! :D

I hope everyone likes her. Nipahhh!!!! 


Want to win a chibi like this of your own?
Well, it’s very simple! All you need to do is post as many clever lines for Kiya to say as you can. Keep in mind she is Egyptian, she’s a queen, and most important of all … she’s a cat! It can be anything, so explore your creative sides and come at me with your best puns.

Remember that this is a fan-made character for League of Legends.

For inspiration, you can learn more about this character here. This is (Version 1.0). (Version 2.0) is in the process of being designed. The goal here is find some new lines for my lovely waifu, Imoristar, to voice act as she reprises her role for this character. Below is a vid of what the first batch of lines was like. You have got to be kitten me!

Whoever can come up with the best lines (best meaning: whoever comes up with the most lines we decided to use) will win a free chibi drawing from me of any character you want. Keep in mind I do not normally draw furries, but if your character is mostly humanoid like Kiya, I will make an exception.

There will only be one winner. 

.:How to Enter:.
– Just post your puns in the comments below. Simple, huh?

– Be nice to one another.
– No repeating/copying others.
– Post as much as you like.
– When you post your ideas here, you give use permission to use them, regardless if you’re the winner or not. 
-You must have an existing reference of the character you want me to draw ready if you win. If you don’t have a reference,  I will not draw them. (I will ask for this when the winner is chosen.) 

November 30th~
This due date may change if we don’t get enough entries, so don’t forget to tell your friends to enter!)

Here’s a few of Kiya’s lines as of now. Please don”t repeat these as your answers. They will not count toward your final score.

V (Click for Bigger Picture) V

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below and I will answer you as soon as I can. Have fun and good luck to you all! I cant wait to see what your lovely minds come up with!



Devinly ArtWork~ PONIESSS!!!


Hey guys. Sorry, I haven’t been posting much here recently. I hope to blog about more interesting things instead of just shamelessly self advertising. >u< But for now, I will show you my recent artwork. YAY! 

I’ve been in a pony-drawing mood lately, so if you’re a “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” fan, you might like these. If not, then I’m sorry. Haha. xD 

The first one I drew for my dub of Rainbow Factory. ~ I like how it came out. ^^ 

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