28 thoughts on “Seven Rules of Life

  1. All very well, but when I decide to enjoy a good wallow in misery, I don’t want some Pollyanna’s chirpy good sense for company. Cheerful Purveyors of same are likely to be hit over the head with an (empty) wine bottle!


    • Very funny. I was just reading all the comments and thinking, is there something wrong with me if I feel like sneering and swearing, even at the same time as I am thinking, this is really good stuff, I should remember these points. Which of these is in charge of my happiness, if they are both me? I guess they will continue to duke it out.


  2. #4 and #7 – Love them! Life is always so much more enjoyable when you realize that it’s not always all about “you”. Some days I have to repeat it over and over, then go find something more productive to do. Thanks for posting this :)


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