Bubbly Part 11

Cerule now has her full voice set. Special thanks to Imoristar/Mokey-chan for putting this together! It came out very bubbly!

Please support Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid on her LoL Wiki page!

The lines are below. Gotta love them water puns. XD

“Greetings, summoners. My name is Cerule. A pleasure to meet you all.”

Upon Selection
– “I’m dripping with anticipation.” **Giggles.

– “Soaked!”
– “Drown!”
– “A ripple effect.”
– “Sink or swim!”
– “Cool blue!”
– “Drenched!”
– “Motion in the ocean!”
– “Drink up!”
– “Let’s dive right in.”
– “Turn the tide!”
– “Life’s a beach!”
– “Hook, line and sinker.”
– “Thirsty?” **Chuckles.
– “Hey! I’m not shallow!”
– “Streamline!”

– “Make waves.”
– “Deep.”
– “Swimmingly.”
– “Please be more Pacific.”
– “Fun in the sun.”
– “My enemies are in dire straits!”
– “Very fluid.”
– “Sounds fishy!”
– “Water under the bridge.”
– “Do you catch my drift?”
– “Shore up your defenses.”
– “Do you find me bubbly, summoner?” **Playful chuckle.
– “By land or sea!”
– “Are they gushing over me?”
– “Just keep swimming!”

While Casting Tidal Wave
– “Surf’s up!” **Laughs.
– “Go with the flow!”

While Casting Bubble Barrier
– “Bubbles!”
– “Bubble Barrier!”

While Casting Bubble Burst
– “Sorry to burst your bubble!”
– “Pop!”

While Casting Whirlpool
– “Wet and wild.”
– “Getting seasick?”

While Casting Cascade Crush
– “I have a crush on you!”
– “Splish splash!”

Critical Attack
– **Girly grunt.

When Slaying Annie
– “Bathtime, little girl!”

When Slaying Brand
– “Cool off! I just put your fire out!”

When Slaying Fizz
– “Tough squirt! Swim with the fishes!”

When Slaying Miss Fortune
– “Who’s the real queen of the sea?” **Chuckle.

When Slaying Nautilus
– “You’re in deep trouble!”

When Slaying Ryze
– “Don’t shock me!”

When Slaying Warwick
– “Next time, learn how to doggy paddle!”

When Slaying Zyra
– “Overwatered? Oops.”

– “You’re all washed up!”
– “Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink!”

– “Plenty of other fish in the sea, but I’m quite the catch!” **Cute giggle.
– “I guess you can say my sense of humor is a bit … WATERED DOWN!”

– **Girly laughing.

– “Oh no, I’m all washed up!”

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