This has never happened before… ; _ ;

I–I posted a video 18 hrs ago, and…

It’s already got almost 50 views!!! ; 0 ; I… I’m so happy.


I wasn’t feeling too great earlier. I accidentally overslept and missed my 9:oo Lecture, and was 30 minutes late for my 10:oo discussion. Then, to top it off, I napped too long and missed my 1:oo class, as well. Yeah. Score so far, Monday: 2 Me:0 … OTL

I guess that’s what I get for staying up so late. Man, I’ve really screwed up my mental clock…orz I’ll try to sleep at a normal time tonight. As in, ACTUALLY the night, and no the early morning. TT u TT Yeah…sleep sounds nice…

.x. So, I’m going to start translating my first vocaloid song into Spanish! Hopefully I’ll get it up in time to post it as a Halloween video! <3

That’s about all I have to say… Hahah, which reminds me, the homework I finished last night– it was so intense that I could barely understand what I’d written when I reread it this morning. LOL NOT COOL OTL


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