It’s a Zoo Out There

The cougar is my absolute, favorite cat in the world. So, it figures that I would end up going to Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, Wash. :)

Brace yourself for lots of pictures. It was a very fun zoo to visit. I learned a lot of random things about animals.

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10 thoughts on “It’s a Zoo Out There

  1. They are a most beautiful and powerful cat, Nhan. My little cats (small compared to them) but large compared to other domestic cats remind me of cougars sometimes. Cougars have such magesty dont they.


  2. I love this… the Cougar is my Prime spirit totem. I have images, statuettes, figurines, beanie babies, key chains, calendars, and all sorts of things “Cougar”…

    Very heavily drawn to them, I worked with them in my youth in California, even. Before I got older…and smarter..realizing one day I might regret my choice in occupations. ;)


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