Heavy Metal


League of Legends” encourages players to find their “mains” after experimenting with the game’s vast character roster. Besides trying to improve my Nidalee, a champion I have always liked playing is Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal.

Combining the strengths of a brute and mage, Mordekaiser can tank a lot of punishment while also dishing out the pain train simultaneously. He becomes a juggernaut of sorts once properly built, which is why I now use Mordekaiser as my go-to guy for the mid lane. Though I still have some kinks to IRON OUT (bad pun, I know), I hope to make my Mordekaiser a lot more consistent in my matches.

Like Nidalee, I had to relearn what I thought I knew about Mordekaiser by starting fresh. I had to scrutinize my strategies carefully, adjusting accordingly until I found elements I liked and disliked. Ultimately, I wanted to string together a Mordekaiser strategy that was practical, yet favorable for my style of play.
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Random Kanji Knowledge: Sensei


Ahh, the Japanese word sensei is something many people probably hear all the time. So how does one form the word in the Japanese language?

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Restaurant Menu Mastery Part 5


My very first job as a college graduate was working as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant called Gordy’s Sichuan Cafe. I only worked Friday nights for a month or so before I even had more than two shifts a week to my name. It took me more than a year and a half to get this job after a very awkward phase in my life, but I am truly thankful destiny dealt this card to me. Last Friday was my last day at the restaurant after working there for about 10 months.

As I finish writing this, I will already be trying to adapt to new surroundings on the other side of the state. But with this post, I have to say, “Thank you for everything,” to everyone I met and worked with at Gordy’s.

Dat restaurant entrance.

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Nhan Fiction:


Originally posted on An Evil Nymph's Blog:

It’s heartbreaking to turn over the last page of a very dear writing/ideas copybook… and realise that you have so much to tell, to note down, yet there is no more space.

Yes, my two favourite writing copybooks (where I write snippets of stories and jot down ideas of plots, etc) got used up, and now I’ll have to buy others. :(

Remember THIS POST?

All right I have another idea copybook but I don’t really like to write in this one. You see, most of these copybooks have been offered to me as gifts, thus I didn’t choose them… so it’s no surprise if some just don’t fit my taste :P

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LoL’s Draft Mode Needs More Bans


The champion roster for “League of Legends” continues to increase over time, with the total number of playable characters at roughly 100 and counting. As the champion roster reaches certain thresholds, I believe draft mode (for both normal and ranked) should adjust as well. In this case, I think the number of bans for the mode could be practically changed from the current figure of six bans to at least eight bans total.
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