Graphics Aren’t Everything

So in the last “League of Legends” patch, a very significant update and upgrade for the game involved a graphics overhaul. Simply put, the game looks a lot more detailed and performs better with less frame rate issues. In particular, LoL players who have to run the game on lower settings would see more improvements to the visuals as well.

So why do I bring this up? Well, I have been one of those players who have had to play LoL on lower settings for the past two years. Basically, my laptop is not geared for gaming. I have always had to run LoL on super-low settings, axing out luxuries such as “shadows” for the characters and other novelties I cannot experience on my makeshift, gaming rig. :(

But I digress. It goes to show much I love the game when I am willing to play with such absurd settings. I have actually grown very acclimated to playing with these visuals, or “Nintendo DS” graphics as I like to call them.

Below is what the game should look like on a decent gaming comp and up …

Now, on the other hand, below are some screenshots of what LoL looks like before and after the new patch came into effect based on what my laptop can muster.

Well, the screenshots may not do much justice, but the game does look a lot better for me, plus the in-game performance is definitely much smoother with less choppy sequences.

Don’t mess with my Nintendo DS graphics, yo! (Man, I am so poor. T_T)

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9 thoughts on “Graphics Aren’t Everything

  1. Really impressed by Riot with this patch. Good to see the elusive “Project Shiny” getting deployed slowly but surely

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    • Haha, I wish Riot would pay more attention to in-game balance, for both champions and items, but who is going to argue against cosmetic improvements? :P

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      • Well, knowing that project shiny is ramping up, maybe we’ll see the stealth rework this summer. That would be a major upset for the championship season :D

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  2. Have you had anyone reporting problems of the flickering UI to you? It is an absolutely awful thing I’m dealing with

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    • Eh, that hasn’t happened to me yet. Do you play with “good” graphics or Nintendo DS-like ones like myself? :O

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      • I just started playing with ‘good graphics’ since I build a new computer, but I turned them down, up, inside out, and everything else and it didn’t fix itself. I still play DS graphics on my laptop

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  3. Hmm, what a strange problem. I wish I knew of something that could help. Have you tried contacting Riot or maybe posting a thread on the official forums?

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  4. I agree with you completely. The game looks stunning now and my fps improved, even though I now play on medium instead of low settings. I just installed a cheap video card (EVGA 8400 I believe), which allows me to play on this setting, and the game runs so smooth now. It only cost me 30 bucks! I’m going to be building myself my own rig soon, though, because I want to be able to play games like Diablo 3 and Starcraft 3. :)

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